boiler service

Boiler Service Reliability

Reliable Boiler Service Boiler service is necessary because unexpected breakdowns can stop your operations. Not only can a faulty boiler halt production, but it can also cause expensive damage. You should consider boiler service any time you start or hear strange sounds. In general, boilers are reliable, durable and efficient. Overall, boilers can last a very long time, but mechanical issues can happen. A boiler that does not receive proper maintenance is at the greatest risk for failure and breakdowns.…

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Boiler Repair Service Solutions

Boiler Repair When You Need it Although boiler systems are generally reliable, there are times when they may require boiler repair. Repairing a boiler is not something that you want to troubleshoot on your own. Attempting to fix a boiler without proper knowledge and tools can actually be dangerous. Alpha Energy Solutions can provide boiler repair for your system throughout the year, 24-hours a day and 7 days a week. Alpha Energy Solutions provides services for businesses, commercial buildings and…

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Next Stop for Alpha Energy Solutions: Memphis, Tennessee

Alpha Energy Solutions is now serving customers in Memphis and the surrounding areas of northern Mississippi and western Arkansas. In recent years, Alpha Energy Solutions has grown by expanding into markets near its Louisville headquarters, including Indianapolis, Cincinnati and Nashville.  With the expansion into Memphis, Alpha will be better able to serve a growing number of retail chains by providing self-performing service to more locations. “This expansion is an important part of Alpha’s growth because we’re now able to provide…

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Alpha Energy Solutions Plays Key Role in Derby Festival

Each year, more than 500,000 people are witness to the largest annual fireworks display in America. It’s the beginning of the Kentucky Derby Festival, and the unofficial start of springtime in the city. The 28-minute fireworks show, Thunder Over Louisville, launches in a suite on the 24th Floor of the Galt House, where a command center coordinates everything from the soundtrack to traffic on the Ohio River. This is the 25th year and, with good weather expected, may be the best…

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At Alpha Energy Solutions, Big Jobs Start and End with Dept. 8

In the inner circle at Alpha Energy Solutions, they’re known simply as Dept. 8. But the scope of work provided by Roger Jolly and Jim White is vast. They’re involved in every significant order for equipment and installation at Alpha. This encompasses everything from boilers and chillers to HVAC equipment and other machinery. Every one of these jobs includes not only equipment, but the coordination of multiple subcontractors, technicians and other departments at Alpha. Jolly and White coordinate this work…

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Planning for Outages Can Reduce Downtime for Alpha Energy Solutions Customers

The horrible tornado devastation in Oklahoma has the nation’s attention as stories of sorrow and loss fill the evening news. Fortunately, this storm did not reach Alpha’s customers. But the tragedy serves as a reminder that those who are well-prepared for unforeseen events are the ones most able to recover. Alpha Energy Solutions offers a Contingency Planning Worksheet for facility managers that helps assess all of the equipment operating at a facility and makes it easier to put a plan…

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Alpha Energy’s Rental Equipment Keeps Plants Going

Alpha Energy Solutions recently delivered a pair of 200-ton rental chillers to a customer’s plant, helping to bridge the gap during a planned outage at a major industrial plant. Alpha, of course, has a full range of chillers, along with boilers, cooling equipment, and auxiliary equipment, at the ready for delivery and installation. Alpha Energy customers are provided application engineering, delivery, installation, operation and maintenance on rental equipment, whether it’s needed for a few days, a few months or a…

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Alpha Energy is Your Equipment Rental HQ

Alpha Energy Solutions is the largest regional provider of service for HVAC, with technicians and trucks covering all or parts of eight states. But did you know that Alpha Energy has one of the area’s largest fleets of rental equipment? Alpha provides Chillers, HVAC Equipment and Boilers, along with Power Generation Equipment, for dozens of customers who need these products on a temporary basis. This need could arise from a planned shutdown at a plant or an emergency caused by…

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Industrial Boiler Safety and Maintenance

A wide variety of industrial plants and facilities use boiler systems, which produce steam that circulates through piping for heating or process purposes.  Industrial boiler systems are major financial investments, so proper installation and preventative maintenance is essential to protecting that investment, improving safety and accident prevention. Types Of Boilers Boilers are classified in three main types: Fire-tube boilers, Water-tube boilers and Electric boilers. Fire-tube boilers rely on hot gases that circulate through boiler tubes that are submerged in a…

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Alpha Mechanical Service, Inc. (formerly A & A Mechanical Service, Inc.) Launches New Web Site

Alpha Mechanical Service, Inc. (formerly A & A Mechanical Service, Inc.) recently launched a new website on May 1, 2011 to coincide with our name change. The new site gives the public an easy way to learn more about the wide range of mechanical services Alpha provides to commercial, industrial and residential customers. The new name, Alpha Mechanical Service, Inc., is a result of the recent expansion of our product lines and merger with Key Mechanical Service, LLC.  Alpha Mechanical…

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