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Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration Service

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RefrigerationFWe have highly-skilled technicians that are trained in refrigeration service. Moreover, our team is available year-round to meet your needs. Also, our technicians are certified. Furthermore, we can offer repair, maintenance programs, installation, and service on many refrigeration systems.

We realize the importance of refrigeration in both commercial and industrial settings. At Alpha Energy Solutions, we also understand that refrigeration systems hold many perishable goods. Since we know how important refrigeration is, our goal is to reduce downtime. As a result, we can respond quickly to meet your service needs, saving you time and money.


Additionally, our trained technicians can diagnose issues with your system. We understand that you need to keep your system running smoothly. Technicians at Alpha Energy Solutions use the best technology to test equipment. Of course, it is also important that your equipment operates at optimal efficiency, and because of this, we offer preventative maintenance plans. In fact, maintenance plans can reduce downtime and improve operations. Moreover, we understand your budget.

In addition to preventative maintenance and system checks, Alpha Energy Solutions can provide several refrigeration service applications. Furthermore, service capabilities are available for both commercial and industrial facilities. Capabilities include walk-in freezers and coolers, merchandise boxes, low-temperature chillers, and many other applications. In fact, the list below outlines some of the service options that we offer to our clients.

First, we provide commercial refrigeration capabilities for our clients.

Commercial Refrigeration Applications:

  • Ice Makers
  • Walk-in Coolers
  • Walk-in Freezers
  • Ice Skating Rinks
  • Ice Merchandisers
  • Merchandise Boxes
  • Low-Temperature Chillers
  • Thermal Storage Systems
  • Display Cases for Food Products
  • Display Cases for Floral Products

Next, our company also provides industrial refrigeration applications.

Industrial Refrigeration Applications:

  • Distilleries
  • Egg Plants
  • Meat Packing
  • Poultry Plants
  • Freezer Plants
  • Blast Freezers

Next, we offer a full range of chemical plants, distribution centers, and other manufacturing facilities. In fact, review the list below to find out how Alpha Energy Solutions can help.

  • Spiral Freezers
  • Chemical Plants
  • Distribution Centers
  • Plastics Manufacturing

Finally, we provide a complete list of added applications for your facility.

  • Food Processing Plants
  • Ice Manufacturing Plants
  • Thermal Storage Systems
  • Refrigerant Manufacturing
  • Cold Storage Warehouses
  • Gas Compression Facilities
  • Liquid Chilling Applications
  • Process Temperature Control
  • Ambient Temperature Control
  • Air Inlet Cooling for Gas Turbines

Finally, for more information on how Alpha Energy Solutions can meet your Refrigeration Service needs, call toll-free at (888) 212-6324 or click here to contact us.

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