bipolar ionization for HVAC

Bipolar Ionization for HVAC

Bipolar Ionization Bipolar ionization prevents viruses from entering the environment, thereby preventing the spread of germs and reducing outbreaks.  When people cough and sneeze, they carry viral drops into the atmosphere. Viruses also reproduce when an infected individual appears on the surface.  Innovations in bipolar ionization for HVAC can combat superficial and airborne germs. Besides the droplets, ionization can also attenuate viruses from the air.  Studies indicate ions kill germs in ventilation systems.  With bipolar ionization, germs cannot survive. Moreover,…

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O2Prime HVAC Service

O2Prime HVAC Service

O2Prime HVAC Service  Outstanding indoor air quality is vital for corporate centers.  The O2Prime HVAC service could help create a healthy atmosphere in buildings.  Bipolar ionization is the basis of this treatment. The interaction triggers an effective reaction against contamination. O2Prime technology eliminates particles from the atmosphere and those that settle on surfaces.  In reality, despite its efficiency, the path is not difficult to install.  Consequently, HVAC systems are then efficient in generating better use of electricity while activating cleaner…

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needlepoint bipolar ionization service

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Service

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Service for HVAC Viral transmission is not uncommon in large production centers.  Indeed, the current outbreaks have hit industrial and trade institutions at a sudden pace.  Unsurprisingly, viruses reproduce easily through routine reactions, which include coughing as well as sneezing. Alpha Energy Solutions effectively delivers needlepoint bipolar ionization service for industrial A/C units. Our bipolar needlepoint ionization technology is successful in killing common viruses.  The road to a fresher atmosphere has never been further. Indeed, our clean…

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commercial disinfecting solutions

Commercial Disinfecting Solutions

Commercial Disinfecting Solutions for Businesses Almost all common cleaning practices are effective, but not all eliminate dangerous pathogens like viruses. We treat your plant with SanitizeIT, a commercial disinfecting treatment. Our commercial disinfecting is effective against viruses that are present on surfaces as well as viruses that can be transmitted through the air. The tested alternative destroys an extensive list of pathogens and in many cases a rate of 99 percent. In addition, our cleaning system is safe to use…

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commercial spray service

Commercial Spray Service Option

Commercial Spray Service Option for Commercial Buildings Of course, hygiene is something most people agree is a must prevent disease, but not everyone has the same exact practices. Companies are now considering a commercial spray service option to safely avoid germs. We have an effective disinfection method called SanitizeIT, one of the leading commercial spray treatments. The product leaves the industrial plants clinically clean. SanitizeIT enables us to attack viruses both in the air and on the surface. There are…

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antiviral sanitizer servicing

Antiviral Sanitizer Servicing

Antiviral Sanitizer Servicing for Commercial Facilities Commercial companies often use commercial cleaning products including antiviral sanitizer to limit the spread of infections in facilities where people are performing their duties. However, recent developments around the coronavirus have changed the scope of best practice to reduce the spread of infections. While it is clear almost all facilities have taken some measures to prevent disease, concerns about COVID-19 have prompted companies to go further to provide a safe environment for employees and…

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chiller repair services

Chiller Repair Services

Chiller Repair Services for Industrial and Commercial Units In commercial facilities, the need for chiller repair services is not uncommon. Cooling units are subjected to stress in harsh environments, which leads to wear and tear. In fact, temperature control systems for commercial installations are important all year round. Commercial cooling systems ensure pleasant temperatures in buildings. In addition, the equipment is a major investment and therefore requires maintenance. Preventive maintenance, spare parts and replacement are helpful for the maintenance of…

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visitor management products

Visitor Management Products

Visitor Management Products for Commercial Buildings The protection of private and commercial assets and data is a serious concern for individuals and businesses. For large and small companies, visitor management is a top priority. Moreover, the real threat of security threats to several economic sectors has become a regrettable truth, but companies do not have to bow to the vulnerabilities of criminal activity. Adequate security measures will also help to reduce the risk of an attack.  Alpha Energy Solutions is…

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chiller rental equipment

Chiller Rental Equipment

Chiller Rental Equipment for Industrial and Commercial Due to the large number of options sold today, selecting a refrigeration unit is often a difficult decision. The support of a certified specialist will make the search for chiller rental equipment considerably easier. Alpha Energy Solutions is an HVAC expert with experience in handling large commercial and industrial chillers. Customers can trust Alpha Energy Solutions to be a reliable source of high quality heating and cooling equipment.  Alpha Energy Solutions has access…

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mobile cooling equipment

Mobile Cooling Equipment Options

Mobile Cooling Equipment Options for Commercial The mobile cooling product range is often used on a limited basis. Both industrial plants and commercial centres have requirements for mobile cooling equipment. In addition, the materials can be used to perform a wide range of tasks. In addition, portable HVAC equipment could be used to meet the need for additional air. As a flexible option for temporary cooling requirements, portable air conditioning systems are an economical choice for companies. The industry professionals…

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