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Temperature Check Station

Mobility, Simplicity, & Safety

  • Mobile –
    • Ergonomic, portable design
    • Stackable with integrated castors
  • Simple-to-Use –
    • Plug & Play, fast installation with easy-to-follow set-up video instructions
    • Pass/Fail operation
    • No internet required
  • Improved Safety –
    • Maintain social distancing protocols for
      employees & attendant
    • Indicative technology for a fever
  • Meets FDA and HIPAA requirements
  • WKU Accredited Training included
  • Customer Care Support included
  • Pending 510k certification (FDA approval)

NO Internet Required


  • Camera system designed for EBT
  • 31k+ temperature readings per scan
  • Unique operating systems; easily accessible
    • 15” Assertive Touch-Screen
    • Thermal camera
    • Mini PC
    • Temperature Accuracy: +/- 0.5°F; Meets FDA requirements
    • Constant thermal camera auto-calibration – Maintains 24/7 accuracy
    • Average 2-second Pass/Fail time; ~1,800 people/hour
    • Durable aluminum construction

Control Tower DIMs: 23” (l) x 24.7” (w) x 61.25” (h)
TCU Tower DIMs: 23” (l) x 19.4” (w) x 75.4” (h)
Stacked DIMS: 23” (l) x 30.03” (w) x 75.7” (h)

The Integrated Solution

t°Scanir Station

  • Screens Body Temperature
  • Over 31,000 temperature readings per scan
  • Plug & Play, Fast installation
  • Promotes Social Distancing
  • FDA Approved Thermal Camera
  • Customizable Temperature Alarm
  • Email Alerts for High Temperatures
  • Mobile, Self-service Design


As thermal camera resolutions increase, the number of temperature readings per scan increases. Work with our Thermal Imaging Expert to determine the best placement and usage of your temperature scanning system for the recommendation which best suits your needs.

Without a temperature control unit, a thermal camera may experience thermal drift deteriorating the consistency and accuracy of the temperature readings.
t°Scanir temperature screening stations utilize a Control Tower and a Temperature Control Tower. The thermal camera automatically recalibrates every 3-5 seconds

This varies based upon usage application and temperature screening station in use. Distances may range from 3 to 36-feet. We recommend that you work with our
thermal imaging expert to determine optimal placement for the temperature scanning station.

t°Scanir’s standard system requires roughly 4’x6’ area to optimize social distancing.

t°Scanir stations are designed to measure temperatures therefore location is critical to the accuracy and efficacy of the unit. We recommend that you work with our thermal imaging expert to determine optimal placement for the temperature scanning station.