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vibration analysis

Vibration Analysis

Helps Alpha Customers Plan and Save

Alpha Energy Solutions is now offering its customers expanded Predictive Maintenance (PdM) services to deliver early warning of equipment faults in chillers, pumps, presses, conveyors, and other industrial machinery.

Alpha is the first U.S.-based service provider to become an “Authorized PdM Service Agent” of Azima DLI, a global leader in predictive maintenance analytical services and products. Azima DLI’s vibration analysis technology detects developing faults in equipment, allowing owners to intervene before a catastrophe occurs.

“Vibration analysis can be a real cost-saving measure on equipment,” said Ron Jenkins, Foreman at Alpha Energy Solutions. “The old way was to fix on failure, but this technology detects bad bearings and other problems before they happen, often months in advance.”

Jenkins said the vibration analysis reports provided to customers identify machine issues, specify their severity, and offer repair recommendations.

“We’re delighted to have a business the caliber of Alpha Energy Solutions as our first Authorized Agent in the United States,” said Ken Piety, Vice President of Technology at Azima DLI. “Their strong local presence and commitment to customers is a natural fit for our Agent Program. By authorizing Alpha to sell our vibration services and products, they can deliver additional value to their customers backed by Azima DLI’s diagnostic analysis expertise.”

Alpha Energy Solutions has provided vibration analysis to its customers for several years. By becoming an Authorized Agent of Azima DLI, Alpha can offer a wider range of customer choices.

“They wanted us to be their first representative in the United States,” Jenkins said. “Now, we will be able to provide the equipment, set up the analysis, and provide our customers with another way to save money and be more efficient.”

This video provides an overview of Azima DLI’s advanced diagnostic software and processes used with Alpha Energy Solutions’ PdM customers.

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