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Industrial Sewer Cleaning Service-Hot Water Jetter

industrial sewer cleaningAlpha Energy Solutions is a specialist in industrial sewer cleaning. Within industrial facilities, it is widespread to experience clogged drains. Because a backup can lead to extensive damage, having clogs serviced quickly is necessary. Drain clogs in a facility may cause pipes to be destroyed by erosion; serious backups can lead to breaks, resulting in costly repairs. At Alpha Energy Solutions, we can clear your sewer lines in less time using the hot water jetter, a powerful piece of equipment that is more effective than anything currently available in the plumbing industry.

A hot water jetter uses a powerful stream of water to push debris from your clogged sewer lines. The method, which is quite advanced in terms of technology, is used to remove objects that get caught inside a drain line. Compared to other plumbing methods used, the water jetter is fast, easy, and, most importantly, will save you both time and money.

The method can be used for degreasing lines and de-icing equipment. The multi-purpose machine can clean lines of various lengths, removing the most difficult blockages with ease.

Causes Which Require Industrial Sewer Cleaning with Hot Water Jetter


Any number of materials can cause a clog inside of an industrial facility. For example, oil residue, dirt, and other contaminants may find their way into sewer lines. In other buildings, substances such as cleaning materials from machinery may cause clogs that require industrial sewer cleaning. Additional forms of debris may include hair, waste, dirt, and food, to name a few. While all of these are examples of the type of grime that may be found inside an industrial line, most unsanitary contaminants include human waste.

Over time, debris build-up will slow down waste through the connections, so industrial sewer cleaning is recommended. If left untreated, the waste flow will be inhibited and come to a complete stop; the stoppage is known as a clog. If the flow is slow or there is no flow, the result will eventually be a backup. Backups of contaminants not only create a huge mess to clean, but it is also environmentally unsafe. The items flowing through a sewer line are waste and therefore are contaminated with dirt, bacterial and other pathogens that should be kept far away from people.

Keep your industrial facility clean and safe; keep your sewer lines flowing smoothly. Contact Alpha Energy Solutions if you believe that your sewer is clogged. Indications of a clog include a slow-flowing line, slow to empty drains, and backups where drains pool with water. The water will certainly be dark, brown, or grey in appearance, small particles may be floating around, and it may have an odd smell.

Do not attempt to unclog drains in an industrial facility on your own. Common cleaners may not only be effective but may be hazardous to your health. Also, some products may cause further damage to your sewer’s components. Consult with an experienced technician about industrial sewer cleaning with a hot water jetter before attempting to treat a clog on your own. If you suspect that there is a clog in your sewer lines, contact Alpha Energy Solutions.