Building Benchmarking

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Building Benchmarking

The First Step Toward Energy Conservation

BenchmarkingFThe first step toward conservation is benchmarking your building – that is, determining its energy performance rating to enable you to compare your building’s energy consumption vs. other buildings in your area. One program that can encourage energy conservation and awareness by making energy consumption more visible is the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Program.

Alpha Energy Solutions can define an energy savings plan that will help start your personalized program and begin saving you money immediately. To get started, we can provide you an Energy Benchmark for your building at no cost, so you can see how well your building is performing and identify its savings potential.

Benefits of an Energy Benchmark:

  • Energy Costs Average Approximately 30% of Total Building Operation Expenses.
  • ENERGY STAR Certified Buildings Use About 35% Less Energy Than Average Buildings.
  • Alpha’s Energy Benchmark Using EPA’s ENERGY STAR Guidelines is FREE.
  • Cost Saving Opportunities Are Identified Immediately.
  • An Energy Savings Plan Is Customized Just For You.

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