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Antiviral Sanitizer Solutions

antiviral sanitizer in Louisville KYWith a surge in viral infections throughout Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas due to the recent pandemic an antiviral sanitizer can help prevent the spread. Commercial buildings in Louisville, KY are often prone to housing viruses and bacteria. To maintain cleanliness, many offices use commercial cleaning products to treat surfaces. Unfortunately, in buildings, many shared spaces and common areas are ignored during cleaning by the staff.

Alpha Energy Solutions, whose head office is in Louisville, KY can provide commercial buildings with antiviral sanitizer treatments to reduce the spread of dangerous pathogens. Because your Louisville-based facility is not considered Clinically Clean® until it has been properly sanitized, working with our service technicians will help deliver the best results. Additionally, we use SanitizeIT to clean your facility. Technicians use the cleaning method in offices, prisons, schools, daycare centers, workout facilities, and nursing homes to deliver effective disease control.

Antiviral Sanitizer Treatment

Many areas within a facility are prone to viruses and bacteria. Door knobs, desks, computer keyboards, phones, fax machines, and bathrooms are areas where germs thrive. Moreover, germs such as staph, E. coli, listeria, and flu viruses can live on surfaces that people handle daily. SanitizeIT effectively kills the above-mentioned viruses and more. Our complete kill list includes over 40 different types of viruses, bacteria, and fungi based on studies.

Heating and Air-Conditioning Units

In addition to killing dangerous pathogens, the SanitizeIT treatment controls odors and allergens in HVAC systems. Similarly, the device is useful in commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities, including schools, nursing homes, and government buildings. Additionally, the spray eliminates the odors linked to mold, mildew, bacteria, animals, and smoke, among other causes.

SanitizeIT antiviral sanitizer is safe to use in your commercial facility. The solution that we use is non-corrosive, so it will not affect the electronics in your building. The spray is safe to use on carpets, stone, plastic, stainless steel, and fabric. The system works by spraying a light mist over materials in the facility, including common-use areas and objects. The surfaces that humans touch should be clean to clinical standards. Moreover, SanitizeIT is safe to use on surfaces and does not need to be rinsed. To add to the benefits of the antiviral sanitizer, it is non-irritating and fragrance-free.

Fast Cleaning

Louisville-based Alpha Energy Solutions offers a fast and easy process to begin treatments for your commercial facility or office. In just under half an hour, we can treat 2,000 square feet. Following treatment, the facility will be virus-free, bacteria-free, and free from odors and allergens. A visit consists of an inspection and cleaning of designated surfaces. After the cleaning, the surfaces dry approximately.

SanitizeIT is safe to use on HVAC systems. Service technicians can apply the cleaning solution to furnaces, rooftop and packaged air-conditioning units, air handlers, and fan coil units.

Achieving a Clinically Clean® office or commercial building is possible with the SanitizeIT service from Alpha Energy Solutions. Contact us to schedule a service for your commercial facility.

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Why use an Antiviral Sanitizer?

One of the primary factors in the emergence and spread of contagious and respiratory diseases is viruses. It is so simple for an individual to be the carrier of these deadly viruses, primarily through the hands to other parts of the body or from several surfaces to the hands and finally to the rest of the body.

Hands play a significant function in the transfers of these deadly viruses to the body parts; this is why it is imperative to ensure your hands are always clean before touching any meal or if you need to feel your face because the eyes, nose, and mouth are easy to access for these deadly viruses into your body. Therefore, your hands must be germs-free because the effects of dirty hands go beyond a mere stomach upset at times.

Additionally, with dirty hands, you can transmit illnesses. For instance, viruses such as coronavirus and norovirus are among the examples that can be effortlessly transmitted into our bodies and result in fatal consequences. Hence, to prevent a bad case from emerging, a good beginning point will be ensuring your hands are as clean as they possibly can.

On the other hand, regular washing of hands is a protective strategy that can stop these deadly viruses from accessing our bodies. Besides, it should be noted that this process is not just a mere washing of hands; it is thoroughly washed with running water and soap for at least twenty seconds.


Although, there are times we find ourselves in cases where handwashing is not an alternative. For instance, in public transportation means such as the bus, other facilities might not have available handwashing points, or some areas simply lack enough water for people to wash their hands regularly. In these situations, hand antiviral sanitizer are very practical, and always save the day. The most recommended alcohol-based sanitizers stop the activities of viruses and microbes.

This kind of antiviral sanitizer is significant, particularly for enveloped viruses. The other non-developed viruses such as norovirus, alcohol-based sanitizers might not be as efficient as they might be with enveloped viruses. Hence, it is essential to know what type of virus you are attempting to get the ideal sanitizer. Specialists at Alpha Energy Solutions are committed to helping our clients determine what type of sanitizer suits their needs. Our antiviral sanitizer disinfects surfaces and hands against viruses and other types of microbes.

antiviral sanitizer in Louisville KYAt Alpha Energy Solutions, we offer an antiviral sanitizer that provides ample protection against the contamination and spread of bacteria and viruses. We apply specific ingredients that are designed to deal with both non-developed and enveloped viruses, fungi, gram-positive, mycobacteria, and deadly bacteria. Our product is tailored to improve the protection against these dangerous pathogens in your body; with its antiviral and antibacterial attributes, they effectively disinfect and sanitize hands and other surfaces, thus ensuring they are completely germs-free.

Furthermore, alcohol-based sanitizers often contain sixty percent of ethanol. The minimum percentage is expected to be found in the antiviral sanitizer to ensure a smooth operation; contrary to this, the product cannot function efficiently as expected. Besides, in HVAC equipment, sanitizers can be applied to prevent these deadly pathogens from being in contact with the atmosphere; the air we breathe, and disinfect the airways from other dangerous air contaminants.

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