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Bipolar Ionization Technology Explained

O2 Prime is a biploar ionization solution. It is commonly understood that virus transmission most often happens due to airborne particles being coughed or sneezed by an infected person. Furthermore, viruses can be spread when someone transfers microorganisms to a surface by touch when they are sick. Unsuspecting hosts can pick up viruses as they go about their daily activities. Independent research, however, suggests that airborne viruses can be eliminated during a process called bipolar ionization. As the cornerstone of O2Prime, bipolar ionization can be applied to HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality and kill harmful microorganisms.

In support of facilitating energy-efficient operations, our O2Prime™ innovation is ideal for forced air systems and appropriate for heating and cooling components.

How It Performs

The Science Behind O2Prime  Innovation

Every customer has a distinct need. We can address those demands with the latest technology, ionization. Our innovative product solutions can eliminate viruses, bacteria, and harmful gasses (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Ionization and its Relationship to COVID-19

COVID-19 is novel and still being researched by experts, and therefore test results on the new strain have yet to be determined. Logic suggests, however, when observing previous test results on other viruses, bipolar ionization would likely produce comparable findings. 

O2Prime-Controlling Germs

How Does O2Prime Control Harmful Pathogens?

The technology behind O2Prime involves ionization, where ions are drawn to microorganisms. On the surface of a germ, the ions fuse and then capture a hydrogen bond. It is important to note that it must have a hydrogen bond for a pathogen such as a virus to survive. The process concludes with a virus being deactivated and rendered both inactive and non-viable. Considerable research has been performed to establish the kill rates between several disease-causing microorganisms. As shown below, third party tests performed by independent firms indicates the results. 


In summary, viruses such as the common cold, TB, and various flu strains can be eliminated quickly through bipolar ionization. Additionally, the process is capable of killing bacteria, mold, and allergens. Based on 3rd party labs’ research, O2Prime technology has been deemed effective in rapidly killing microorganisms on surfaces. Moreover, the science controls VOCs and improves indoor air quality by removing odors. 

Bipolar ionization technology has been shown to remove viruses in the air and on surfaces. Air conditioning units are instrumental in providing healthier indoor air. 

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