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Global plasma solutions

Bipolar Ionization Technology Explained

Global plasma solutions is a biploar ionization solution. It is commonly understood that virus transmission most often happens due to airborne particles being coughed or sneezed by an infected person. Furthermore, viruses can be spread when someone transfers microorganisms to a surface by touch when they are sick. Unsuspecting hosts can pick up viruses as they go about their daily activities. Independent research, however, suggests that airborne viruses can be eliminated during a process called bipolar ionization. As the cornerstone of Global plasma solution, bipolar ionization can be applied to HVAC systems to improve indoor air quality and kill harmful microorganisms.
Global plasma solutions

In support of facilitating energy-efficient operations, our Global plasma solutions™ innovation is ideal for forced air systems and appropriate for heating and cooling components.

How It Performs

The Science Behind Global plasma solutions  Innovation

Global plasma solutions

Every customer has a distinct need. We can address those demands with the latest technology, ionization. Our innovative product solutions can eliminate viruses, bacteria, and harmful gasses (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Ionization and its Relationship to COVID-19

COVID-19 is novel and still being researched by experts, and therefore test results on the new strain have yet to be determined. Logic suggests, however, when observing previous test results on other viruses, bipolar ionization would likely produce comparable findings. 

Global plasma solutions – Controlling Germs

How Does Global plasma solutions Control Harmful Pathogens?

The technology behind Global plasma solutions involves ionization, where ions are drawn to microorganisms. On the surface of a germ, the ions fuse and then capture a hydrogen bond. It is important to note that it must have a hydrogen bond for a pathogen such as a virus to survive. The process concludes with a virus being deactivated and rendered both inactive and non-viable. Considerable research has been performed to establish the kill rates between several disease-causing microorganisms. As shown below, third party tests performed by independent firms indicates the results. 


In summary, viruses such as the common cold, TB, and various flu strains can be eliminated quickly through bipolar ionization. Additionally, the process is capable of killing bacteria, mold, and allergens. Based on 3rd party labs’ research, Global plasma solutions technology has been deemed effective in rapidly killing microorganisms on surfaces. Moreover, the science controls VOCs and improves indoor air quality by removing odors. 

Bipolar ionization technology has been shown to remove viruses in the air and on surfaces. Air conditioning units are instrumental in providing healthier indoor air. 

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How does a Global plasma solution work?

The Global plasma solution applies bipolar ionization technology to combat viruses, while the bipolar ionization technological advancement makes use of ionization through the compressed air system. For years, bipolar ionization technology has been approved to fight deadly viruses, for example, the norovirus and the coronavirus, specifically in industrial premises. 

Commercial facilities need methods that can reduce their exposure to dangerous viruses and other pathogens. Therefore, bipolar ionization technology is among the ideal methods that can be executed to provide an additional advantage to residential and commercial facilities in the significant combat against viruses.

Global plasma solution implements bipolar ionization for commercial and industrial spaces to destroy the pathogens in HVAC systems. This technique also regulates the air that flows in and out of the building; the air from outside restricts temperature regulation. This atmosphere has harmful contaminants such as awful smells, bacteria, mildew, mold, and viruses. Global plasma solutions also regulate the substances that result in hazardous exposure to people, especially the VOCs’ volatile organic compounds.

Global plasma solutions

For a long time, Hydrogen has seamlessly shown that it is vital for the healthy survival of pathogens on the skin and surfaces. This is because these are the bonds that contribute to the survival of these pathogens; therefore, Global plasma solutions are designed to take advantage of this fact and ensure it creates a massive disadvantage for them. 

By executing the bipolar ionization technology, in the final stage, the ions produced during the ionization bond with the pathogens. During this step, the pathogens lose their hydrogen bonds and are left for the dead because they are rendered incapable of surviving; and this is how the Global plasma solution bipolar ionization destroys and gets rid of the viability of the pathogen.

Also, the rate at which the Global plasma solutions kill varies according to the type of the pathogen; for instance, 99% for E.Coli, mold, and Legionella and 93% for norovirus and MRSA. After the covid-19 emergence, an airborne illness, researchers can apply bipolar ionization technology in Global plasma solutions to avoid the spread via air particles. 

The bipolar ionization technology can fight the deadly virus via ventilation systems. Implementing ventilation systems to stop or control the spread of the coronavirus is an ideal method of handling the virus because it is time-efficient; it does not demand a lot of time. Also, it is extremely economical; it does strain you financially.

Furthermore, having contaminants in the building brings about a series of significant demerits, such as decreasing productivity. Companies and learning institutions might lag in their daily activities due to the contamination of the pathogens by their employees and students, respectively. On the brighter side, the probabilities of contracting diseases because of pathogens are significantly reduced when you have the Global plasma solution. It ensures that everyone is comfortable, breathing in the best quality air, developing an ideal environment for people to operate effectively, and increasing their proactiveness. It also gets rid of awful odors and controls the flow of air.

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