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3 Benefits of “Commercial Sanitizers” in Facilities

Sanitizing has become a standard part of life today at a higher rate ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Commercial sanitizers enable individuals across offices, facilities, or institutions to disinfect their hand hands instead of using soap and water options to reduce the bacteria available on their hands and kill microorganisms. Thus, business managers and facility owners should set up hand sanitizing stations and dispensers around every commercial environment to facilitate daily sanitization. This is because the continued…

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Which are the 4 Reasons for using Commercial Sanitizers?

Which are the 4 Reasons to use Kentucky Commercial Sanitizers?

4 Reasons for using Kentucky Commercial Sanitizers: Germs are microscopic creatures that live in the air, water, food, on surfaces, plants, on our skin, and in our bodies. The average person comes into contact with 60,000 germs every day. Our daily activities expose us to different diseases- causing, which we cannot control but might contribute to the spread of sickness and infection. Sanitizing your hands and facility using Kentucky commercial sanitizers, on the other hand, is an essential barrier in…

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Can Commercial Sanitizer Keep Surfaces and Dishes Clean and Safe?

Can Commercial Sanitizer Keep Surfaces and Dishes Clean and Safe from covid-19?

Due to the current coronavirus worldwide, we cannot afford to ignore the use of commercial sanitizer. The virus hit many countries, raising panic and trauma in many individuals. Centers for diseases control (CDC) gave various preventative measures that would protect us from the snares of the virus. We were required to wear masks, keep social distance, self-quarantine and lockdown. We were advised to use water and soap to clean our hands for not less than 20 seconds. In the absence…

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Commercial Sanitizer

What 4 steps are followed before using a Commercial Sanitizer?

4 important tips for Commercial Sanitizer: As a commercial building owner or anyone in a commercial establishment, today know how critical it’s to take appropriate measures to protect oneself and loved ones against the threat of harmful bacteria and viruses. Whether you need to clean surfaces, your floor sanitized, disinfect your furniture or dishes; Alpha Energy Solutions offers you a commercial sanitizer you need to keep your home and business sanitized. Our commercial sanitizer will keep dishes and surfaces clean…

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