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Due to the current coronavirus worldwide, we cannot afford to ignore the use of commercial sanitizer. The virus hit many countries, raising panic and trauma in many individuals. Centers for diseases control (CDC) gave various preventative measures that would protect us from the snares of the virus. We were required to wear masks, keep social distance, self-quarantine and lockdown.

We were advised to use water and soap to clean our hands for not less than 20 seconds. In the absence of this, the FDA recommended hand sanitizers. However, people were left wondering how to kill the coronavirus on shared dishes and food contact surfaces. This was as a result of the FDA advising against the consumption of sanitizers containing alcohol.

use of commercial sanitizer

Louisville Commercial SanitizerHowever, commercial sanitizer has come up that can be used on dishes and food contact surfaces in food production industries. These products are stocked in stores, and they cater for dinnerware, glasses, and even soiled floors and surfaces. These products can be used in households and also in your business to keep them safe. Commercial sanitizer work by killing the disease-causing pathogens and germs.

These germs spread contagious diseases such as influenza (flu) and SARS that cause COVID-19. One of the stores with this commercial sanitizer is “Webstarauntstore.” Here you can purchase all the products you need, and for the specific purpose, you need them. However, you must be keen when choosing products that will be used in food contact surfaces in the industry.

commercial sanitizer available in various forms

The advantages of Commercial Sanitizer serviceYou can buy commercial sanitizers ranging in liquid, solid, or powder form, depending on what you prefer. Some of them are ready to use sanitizers requiring no dilution, but if you prefer to dilute yourself, you will need to choose a more bulk concentrated chemical. If you buy the products from a good store, they will give you a chemical test strip that will be helpful to you.

It will help you test your water for chlorine and the PH-concentration and the sanitizer’s concentration before you apply them to your dishes and food contact surface. These products will be helpful in your wash and rinse dishwashing programs.


Commercial Sanitizer services disadvantagesAs many countries have lifted lockdown worldwide and businesses are running, as usual, it is essential to keep your facility and household sanitized. Travel has now been opened; the first-way coronavirus spread from Wuhan to the rest of the world. To assure your staff and customers that you care for their health, ensure that you engage in the use of commercial sanitizers. If you cannot use your staff to disinfect, use the services of trained and certified personnel.

Businesses that handle food, such as restaurants, should use these commercial sanitizers since their dishes serve a wide range of customers. I bet you wouldn’t want your business flagged for having a covid-19 case, leading to loss of clients and partial closure.

It might be tempting to think that things have gone back to normal, but too much trauma is associated with the COVID-19 virus. Those who have recovered have been under the pressure of trauma of being isolated as no one believes they are fully recovered and cannot spread the virus. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

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