commercial disinfectant

bipolar ionization

Bipolar Ionization

Bipolar Ionization and Germs Study shows that viruses may be killed with bipolar ionization. The ionizer gets rid of viruses from the environment to prevent the spread of pathogens and lower subsequent outbreaks. When individuals cough or perhaps sneeze, they deliver viral droplets through the atmosphere. Moreover, when an infected individual contacts a surface the area becomes contaminated thus allowing viruses to spread.  An ionizer targets air-borne viruses and the droplets. Research suggests that ionizing air helps to prevent the…

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coronavirus sanitizer

Coronavirus Sanitizer

Cleaning Solutions and Coronavirus Sanitizer Having a coronavirus sanitizer is a prevalent matter after the recent outbreak of the disease COVID-19 on a worldwide scale. Companies are reconsidering the way they deal with occupational health issues. The service professionals at Alpha Energy Solutions are responding to the demand for decontamination with a potentially viable solution. In fact, companies are already carrying out cleaning activities but facilities need more.  Coronavirus Sanitizer and Disinfectant It is not unusual for facility managers to…

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