Alpha Energy Solutions is a big believer in helping its customers save energy and recently installed two MultiStack MagLev chillers in Louisville that are already reducing energy costs.

Magnetic Levitation may sound like something out of a magic show. Still, in reality, it’s the technology that allows compressors to operate without moving parts having to touch each other, therefore reducing the need for grease to lubricate them.

What’s more, the MultiStack chillers allow operators to do something never before possible — easily manage and regulate loads. That’s where the energy savings come in.

Scott Harkins, the MultiStack coordinator for the installation pictured here at the Kentucky Exposition Center, said that another difference was the sound the 750-ton machine puts out. We were talking right next to it and could hear each other clearly. Harkin said that with the machine it replaced, we would have had to wear ear protection.

“This is really an awesome chiller,” said Alpha Energy Solutions’ project manager Ron Jenkins. “It allows so much flexibility in terms of the load levels, which allows the customer to choose how much energy to use at any one time.”