MagLev Chiller Installed and Saving Energy in Louisville

Alpha Energy Solutions is a big believer in helping its customers save energy and recently installed two MultiStack MagLev chillers in Louisville that are already reducing energy costs. Magnetic Levitation may sound like something out of a magic show. Still, in reality, it’s the technology that allows compressors to operate without moving parts having to touch each other, therefore reducing the need for grease to lubricate them. What’s more, the MultiStack chillers allow operators to do something never before possible…

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Installing a Big Chiller Provides Big Benefits

Dave Hellman, Alpha’s director of Energy and Performance, was recently involved in a major Kentucky project. Alpha Energy Solutions installed two chillers; one at the Kentucky International Convention Center and the other at the Kentucky Exposition Center. Here, Dave explains the chillers’ benefits just after the 750-ton unit at the Kentucky Expo Center was put in place.  The new energy-efficient machines, manufactured by MultiStack, are only the 2nd and 3rd of its kind installed in Kentucky. Alpha installed a MultiStack…

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Alpha Closes 2012 with Sale of 1,250-Tons of Multistack Chillers

In April, an Alpha Mechanical Service crew installed a 150-ton Multistack Magnetic Bearing Chiller at Centre College, the first of its kind in Kentucky. The machine is expected to save the school more than $20,000 in energy and maintenance costs annually. Alpha installed this 150-ton Multistack chiller at Centre College in April, the first of its kind in Kentucky. Now Alpha is installing 500-ton and 750-ton units for another customer. Now Alpha is preparing for a Louisville installation of two…

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MagLev Chiller Installed at Centre College

MagLev Chiller Installed at Centre College saves $20,000 a year, is best choice

MagLev Chiller Installed at Centre College For Centre College students walking by the Alpha Mechanical Service installation on campus, the engineering feat taking place was worth stopping for a look. Crane was lowering an 8,600-pound MagLev water-cooled chiller into a hole — one that didn’t seem, at first glance, large enough to accommodate it.  But the Alpha crew — Justin Butler, Scott Crosby, Joe Gross, and Nathan Kintner — put the 140-ton chiller in place in three hours. Centre’s maintenance…

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Alpha Installs Large Chiller at Centre

Alpha Installing best Large Chiller system at Centre, 24/7 help support available

Large Chiller system at Centre: Alpha Mechanical Service is installing a 140-ton Water-Cooled Flooded Chiller from Multistack on the campus of Centre College. While the new equipment was being installed, Alpha provided a rental chiller to cool the Rental Department facility. Large Chiller system at Centre Our Chiller Division is capable of handling chiller system repair, maintenance, and installation. With more than 200 years of combined field experience, our highly skilled technicians are well prepared for any chiller service challenge…

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