Ron Jenkins

Vibration Analysis Will Help Alpha Customers Plan and Save

Alpha Energy Solutions is now offering its customers expanded Predictive Maintenance (PdM) services to deliver early warning of equipment faults in chillers, pumps, presses, conveyors, and other industrial machinery. Alpha is the first U.S.-based service provider to become an “Authorized PdM Service Agent” of Azima DLI, a global leader in predictive maintenance analytical services and products. Azima DLI’s vibration analysis technology detects developing faults in equipment, allowing owners to intervene before a catastrophe occurs. “Vibration analysis can be a real…

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Mobile Cooling

Minimize Feeling the Heat with perfect Mobile Cooling Options from 1 ton to 400-ton

Mobile Cooling Options The weather can determine the success of some outdoor events. As the temperatures climb this summer, Alpha Energy Solutions offers mobile cooling options to save the day. Consider the case of Kentucky Speedway. With thousands of racing fans expected to arrive early to enjoy pre-race festivities, the Speedway called on Alpha to bring in several mobile cooling units to assure comfortable conditions inside tents, even though the temperature was in the 90s. Alpha’s air-conditioning rental units available…

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MagLev Chiller Installed and Saving Energy in Louisville

Alpha Energy Solutions is a big believer in helping its customers save energy and recently installed two MultiStack MagLev chillers in Louisville that are already reducing energy costs. Magnetic Levitation may sound like something out of a magic show. Still, in reality, it’s the technology that allows compressors to operate without moving parts having to touch each other, therefore reducing the need for grease to lubricate them. What’s more, the MultiStack chillers allow operators to do something never before possible…

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