In April, an Alpha Mechanical Service crew installed a 150-ton Multistack Magnetic Bearing Chiller at Centre College, the first of its kind in Kentucky. The machine is expected to save the school more than $20,000 in energy and maintenance costs annually.

Alpha installed this 150-ton Multistack chiller at Centre College in April, the first of its kind in Kentucky. Now Alpha is installing 500-ton and 750-ton units for another customer.

Now Alpha is preparing for a Louisville installation of two Multistacks — a 750-ton unit at one location and a 500-ton unit.

“The Magnetic Bearing technology is the future,” said Ron Jenkins, who has managed the project for Alpha. “The talks started on this two years ago, and we brought it to the table. The customer will experience a 30 percent increase in energy efficiency and have much more flexibility to run the chiller at lower part-load conditions. That will reduce maintenance costs.”

The Multistack MagLev chiller, known for its state-of-the-art energy-saving technology, has been installed throughout the Western U.S., especially in markets with high energy costs. The two new units being installed in Louisville are replacing decades-old, outdated equipment.

The larger unit has six compressors, and the 500-ton unit has three, allowing operators greater “capacity turndown.” Multiple compressors allow operators to run the unit even when one of the compressors is down.

“We can fix these units, in case of a compressor failure, in four hours,” said Jenkins. “With their existing units, it would take weeks to repair if you could find parts.”

Alpha Mechanical is responsible for the sale, start-up, and maintenance of the new units. The project will begin in January.