Chiller Maintenance

Prevent Emergencies by Scheduling Chiller Repair and Maintenance

Prevent Emergencies by Scheduling Perfect Louisville KY Chiller Repair and Maintenance – 24/7 support

Louisville KY Chiller Repair Service at Alpha Energy Solutions Louisville KY Chiller Repair: Chillers are complex systems that require a trained pro. The many components that make up a chiller system can face regular wear and tear over time. Regular maintenance is the best course of action for preventing costly damage and unwanted expenses. Alpha Energy Solutions does not just provide installation and rental options for clients. Our team of highly-skilled technicians is available to conduct Louisville KY chiller repair…

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Alpha Closes 2012 with Sale of 1,250-Tons of Multistack Chillers

In April, an Alpha Mechanical Service crew installed a 150-ton Multistack Magnetic Bearing Chiller at Centre College, the first of its kind in Kentucky. The machine is expected to save the school more than $20,000 in energy and maintenance costs annually. Alpha installed this 150-ton Multistack chiller at Centre College in April, the first of its kind in Kentucky. Now Alpha is installing 500-ton and 750-ton units for another customer. Now Alpha is preparing for a Louisville installation of two…

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