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Alpha Energy Solutions’ Hot Water Jetter Solving Restaurant Issues

A nationally-recognized, publicly-traded chain of restaurants recently called on Alpha Energy Solutions to solve a problem. In a few of its restaurants, the kitchens had become a breeding ground for fruit flies, and workers had noticed a pungent odor. The best solution was a thorough cleaning of the drains, where food byproducts had created a sludge and impeding the flow of waste. The solution — a thorough cleaning using Alpha’s Hot Water Jetter. In addition to flushing out the system…

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Alpha Energy Markets Innovative Rheem Rooftop Unit

It’s a simple idea, really, but Rheem’s H2AC represents an innovative way to save energy. The newly-introduced Rooftop Unit captures heat from the refrigeration circuit and uses it to heat water used in the building. Most systems expel the hot air into the exterior. One Arkansas restaurant, highlighted in this Rheem video, saved more than 30 percent on its monthly gas expense and another $3,400 in electric energy costs in just six months. “A lot of our customers, especially in the restaurant…

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Commercial Food and Restaurant Equipment Maintenance

Correct maintenance of your commercial food and restaurant equipment not only guarantees a more sanitary and safe kitchen but also helps reduce energy costs, ultimately improving your bottom line. Learning the best way to clean and maintain your equipment properly will definitely save you time and money in the long run while creating a safe and healthy work environment. Here are some tips to help you properly clean and maintain your commercial food and restaurant equipment. Clean your equipment daily…

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