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Louisville Hot Water Jetter

Louisville Hot Water Jetter are not expensive in price

Louisville Hot Water Jetter: A nationally-recognized, publicly-traded chain of restaurants recently called on Alpha Energy Solutions to solve a problem. In a few of its restaurants, the kitchens had become a breeding ground for fruit flies, and workers had noticed a pungent odor. The best solution was a thorough cleaning of the drains, where food byproducts had created a sludge and impeded the flow of waste.

The solution — a thorough cleaning using Alpha’s Louisville Hot Water Jetter. In addition to flushing out the system with hot water, Alpha technicians inserted an additive that helped break down organic matter. This dislodged the sludge and improved the smell — and eliminated the issue with fruit flies.

Louisville Hot Water Jetter available 24/7 hours on phone call“In this case, the customer can see the value,” said Gerry Lewis, Director of Sales for Alpha. “We were able to service one location, and the customer has now called us in to perform the same service on three others. The Louisville hot water jetter is a unique product that cleans in a way that’s superior to other methods.”

The benefit of Louisville Hot Water JetterAlpha recommends that customers use the service at least twice a year. It can be completed in less than a day and doesn’t disrupt store operations.

“We’re providing a solution to a real issue for restaurants, and that’s why we expect our jetter to be busy as the weather turns warmer,” said Lewis.

The new technology does not damage pipes and is the most effective cleaning method on the market.

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