Alpha Energy Set to Offer Coatings, Extending Equipment Life and Boosting Energy Efficiency

Alpha Energy Solutions is now offering a revolutionary coatings product to its customers to extend HVAC units’ lives and increase their energy efficiency. Russell McNeice, a national Adsil trainer from Houston, came to Louisville to demonstrate the application of the MicroGuard AD35 product at the Alpha headquarters, with Alpha sales personnel and technicians. While competitive coatings have been around for years, existing products show a 5-8 percent negative energy efficiency. “These products do not affect heat transfer due to thickness…

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Alpha Energy Offers Coatings to Help Customers Save Money and Energy

The Microguard coating protects exposed equipment, as evidence by this photo showing treated and untreated units. Alpha Energy Solutions is proud to announce it is teaming with Xtreme Cleaning Solutions to offer a new technology product that extends HVAC units’ lives while saving on energy use. Microguard, a Daytona Beach, Fla. company, manufactures an HVAC coating product that is equally effective when applied to new equipment or on existing units in the field. It has been tested and proven to provide…

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