The Microguard coating protects exposed equipment, as evidence by this photo showing treated and untreated units.

Alpha Energy Solutions is proud to announce it is teaming with Xtreme Cleaning Solutions to offer a new technology product that extends HVAC units’ lives while saving on energy use.

Microguard, a Daytona Beach, Fla. company, manufactures an HVAC coating product that is equally effective when applied to new equipment or on existing units in the field. It has been tested and proven to provide energy savings and extend HVAC units’ life cycle while providing customers with a rapid return on investment, sometimes less than one year.

Shortly, Xtreme and Alpha will train both the Alpha sales staff and technicians in the coatings’ benefits and applications. In addition to energy savings, the product is environmentally friendly and proven to reduce carbon in an EPA study.

“With this coating, our customers will see both a financial and environmental payback immediately,” said Gerry Lewis, director of sales for Alpha Energy Solutions. “I’m looking forward to introducing this coating to our customers.”

Xtreme, a Louisville company, was featured recently in Business First and is marketing the family of Microguard coating products throughout Alpha Energy’s eight-state service area.