Alpha Energy Solutions is now offering a revolutionary coatings product to its customers to extend HVAC units’ lives and increase their energy efficiency.

Russell McNeice, a national Adsil trainer from Houston, came to Louisville to demonstrate the application of the MicroGuard AD35 product at the Alpha headquarters, with Alpha sales personnel and technicians.

While competitive coatings have been around for years, existing products show a 5-8 percent negative energy efficiency.

“These products do not affect heat transfer due to thickness of the product, and with third-party testing gives an estimated 12-18 percent energy efficiency. That can mean a lot of savings for customers,” said Gerry Lewis, Sales Director for Alpha Energy Solutions.

McNeice said the coatings expand the life of equipment by 50 percent and reduce maintenance on coils and the use of chemicals. The photos below show coating a micro-channel coil on a 7.5 ton unit in the Alpha shop.

“Our customers now have another great option for reducing their energy costs,” Lewis said. “This is another advantage Alpha can offer our customers that are not available elsewhere.”

The product is widely used by manufacturers, including York, Carrier, and McQuay, and is just as effective for treating existing units. The temperature must be 55 degrees to apply the coating.

Check out this YouTube video that showcases the products and benefits.