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Mobile Cooling

Minimize Feeling the Heat with perfect Mobile Cooling Options from 1 ton to 400-ton

Mobile Cooling Options The weather can determine the success of some outdoor events. As the temperatures climb this summer, Alpha Energy Solutions offers mobile cooling options to save the day. Consider the case of Kentucky Speedway. With thousands of racing fans expected to arrive early to enjoy pre-race festivities, the Speedway called on Alpha to bring in several mobile cooling units to assure comfortable conditions inside tents, even though the temperature was in the 90s. Alpha’s air-conditioning rental units available…

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Planning for Outages Can Reduce Downtime for Alpha Energy Solutions Customers

The horrible tornado devastation in Oklahoma has the nation’s attention as stories of sorrow and loss fill the evening news. Fortunately, this storm did not reach Alpha’s customers. But the tragedy serves as a reminder that those who are well-prepared for unforeseen events are the ones most able to recover. Alpha Energy Solutions offers a Contingency Planning Worksheet for facility managers that help assess all of the equipment operating at a facility and makes it easier to put a plan…

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The benefit of Rental chiller

Alpha Energy’s Best Rental chiller Keeps Plants Going, 24/7 hours call supporting

A pair of 200-ton rental chiller on-site from the Alpha Energy Solutions fleet Alpha Energy Solutions recently delivered a pair of 200-ton rental chillers to a customer’s plant, helping to bridge the gap during a planned outage at a major industrial plant. Alpha, of course, has a full range of chillers, along with boilers, cooling equipment, and auxiliary equipment, at the ready for delivery and installation. Alpha Energy customers are provided application engineering, delivery, installation, operation, and maintenance on rental…

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