The horrible tornado devastation in Oklahoma has the nation’s attention as stories of sorrow and loss fill the evening news. Fortunately, this storm did not reach Alpha’s customers.

But the tragedy serves as a reminder that those who are well-prepared for unforeseen events are the ones most able to recover. Alpha Energy Solutions offers a Contingency Planning Worksheet for facility managers that help assess all of the equipment operating at a facility and makes it easier to put a plan in place to get up and running again in the event of an unplanned outage.

Customers who work with Alpha and plan for such outages can be prepared to know that Alpha will have, if necessary, rental equipment on-site as soon as possible. The Alpha equipment rental fleet includes chillers, boilers, and auxiliary power equipment to control climate and moisture. Alpha’s crews will be immediately on the scene with temporary power generation equipment in the event it’s needed.

“If facility managers take the time to complete our Contingency Planning Equipment Worksheet, we can be on their property with the right equipment to get their equipment operating in a matter of hours,” said Bruce Johnson, Alpha Energy’s Equipment Rental manager. “You can’t really plan on when an outage is going to occur, but you can be ready to take action when it does.”

Gerry Lewis, Alpha Energy’s Sales Director, said the Alpha’s sales force works with customers to keep outages short.

“Because our technicians are on call 24/7, we’re ready to go when disaster strikes, and with the weather patterns in our part of the country, you just never know when we will be needed,” he said.

On one scorching weekend last August, Alpha Energy technicians were on the scene at emergencies in three different locations to resolve unforeseen outages.

If you are a facility manager, ask Alpha about creating a contingency plan for your equipment. Because when the time comes, you will be glad you did.