A pair of 200-ton rental chiller on-site from the Alpha Energy Solutions fleet

The benefit of Rental chillerAlpha Energy Solutions recently delivered a pair of 200-ton rental chillers to a customer’s plant, helping to bridge the gap during a planned outage at a major industrial plant.

In Kentucky available good quality of Rental chillerAlpha, of course, has a full range of chillers, along with boilers, cooling equipment, and auxiliary equipment, at the ready for delivery and installation.

Alpha Energy customers are provided application engineering, delivery, installation, operation, and maintenance on rental equipment, whether needed for a few days, a few months, or a year.

Alpha offers a full range of sizes, from one-ton air conditioners to 1,000-ton water chillers.

Now available Budget friendly Rental chillerAccording to Bruce Johnson, rental equipment manager, most customers call on Alpha Energy for rental equipment during renovations, planned outages, or emergencies.

“Our customers can’t afford to have downtime, so we provide a wide range of equipment that keeps their plants operating,” Johnson said. “No matter what kind of equipment or how long they need it, we install and maintain their rental. And when the job is done, we get the equipment out of the way.”

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