No Myth – Alpha Energy’s Benchmark Will Save You Money

It’s not a myth – smart building managers can save a lot of money for their companies – like the recent case of Samba saving 40% within 3 days – by signing up for a FREE energy benchmark with Alpha Energy Solutions. Alpha Energy Solutions utilizes Air Advice, a Portland, Ore.-based firm specializing in energy solutions for commercial buildings, to offer an “industry-proven energy services delivery platform.” Dave Hellman, Alpha Energy’s Director of Energy and Performance, said it’s important for…

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Energy Print dashboard

1 Best role of Energy Print dashboard and How is my Building Doing?

Energy Print dashboard: That’s the question many facility managers are asking themselves these days, as a combination of economic pressure and environmental responsibility are forcing them to take a look at energy consumption. The Energy Print dashboard And for many office buildings, a simple tool from Energy Print will monitor energy use and provide valuable information in a dashboard, which any manager can view on a computer. Armed with that information, it’s easy to cut back “hours of power” and…

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