It’s not a myth – smart building managers can save a lot of money for their companies – like the recent case of Samba saving 40% within 3 days – by signing up for a FREE energy benchmark with Alpha Energy Solutions.

Alpha Energy Solutions utilizes Air Advice, a Portland, Ore.-based firm specializing in energy solutions for commercial buildings, to offer an “industry-proven energy services delivery platform.”

Dave Hellman, Alpha Energy’s Director of Energy and Performance, said it’s important for facility managers to avoid buying into prevailing myths circulating in the industry. One is that energy costs can’t be controlled.

“While there seems to be a mindset that utilities represent either fixed or insignificant costs in building operations budgets, the truth is that we can show almost any building operator a way to save real money,” he said. “By measuring usage, then optimizing building operations and controls, it’s relatively easy to save significantly on energy costs.”

Alpha Energy currently manages energy usage at the Kentucky Exposition Center and has already saved 15 percent of energy costs at the state-owned facility. He says in most commercial buildings, the way that building equipment is being operated or programmed is often what wastes the greatest amount of money.

“We’ve done dozens of energy benchmarks for our customers, and every time we’ve been able to show a way to save money. And since we’re offering the benchmarks to customers at no cost, it’s really a no-brainer to have one done,” Hellman said.

There are three key areas that almost always provide an opportunity for energy savings, according to Air Advice’s Mythbuster series. One is to adjust and reduce ventilation, usually accomplished without sacrificing tenant comfort. Air Advice also suggests slight adjustments to temperature setpoints and coordinating the tenant schedule with air-conditioning settings.

If you’re a facility manager, ask your Alpha Energy Solutions representative about getting a FREE benchmark. It’s the first step toward real energy savings.