There’s a prevailing theory in business that price trumps all in terms of getting business, that among all factors affecting buying decisions, price is always the most important.

However, a recent survey showed that when choosing a contractor, “Low Price” was just 8th on a list of important factors listed by customers.

Alpha Energy Solutions personnel attended a seminar by Frank Basednjak, a world-renowned business coach. He pointed to other factors that successful businesses excel in, from arriving at a worksite on time (#1) to being “friendly” (#6).

Gerry Lewis, Alpha Energy’s Sales Director, said the list of reasons people choose an HVAC contractor shows that Alpha’s approach is correct.

“People want to hire people they are comfortable with,” Lewis said. “We want our customers to know us – our salespeople, our technicians, our front office staff. And it’s good to know that the survey showed that being a local company and being professional ranked high on the list.”

Lewis said Alpha Energy Solutions finished another record year in 2012, but everyone involved knows that hard work will be required to continue to grow.