Commercial SanitizeIT working against covid-19Industrial facilities are usually susceptible to the consequences of viral spread. Commercial SanitizeIT is a way to reduce the spread of viruses with a simple solution. Locations, where people come together and also do businesses, include several spaces where microorganisms comfortably dwell. The fact of the matter is that disinfecting, deodorizing, and sanitizing professional buildings, whether commercial or industrial, is the simplest way to stop the spread of illness amongst patrons and employees.

Commercial SanitizeIT Cleaning Solutions

We realize that most companies desire to have a positive effect on the planet. Additionally, we recognize that individuals are far more worried about exposure to severe cleaning chemicals and their unwanted side effects. Due to industrial facilities’ concerns, we can offer a highly effective commercial SantizeIT cleaning, which is free from harmful chemical fumes and corrosive ingredients. Commercial SanitizeIT is a risk-free solution that can be used on a variety of surfaces such as materials.

As a result, the formula that makes up our formula is gentle. Furthermore, the formula may be utilized in schools, day treatment facilities, office buildings, medical facilities, workout establishments, and other frequent places. 

Most buildings encounter harmful microorganisms at one point or another. Keeping buildings protected and germ-free, however, encourages a safer environment and minimizes the spread of illness. Because many people spend long periods living and working within the public domain, keeping buildings disinfected, sanitized, and deodorized is necessary.

Preventing Disease with Commercial SanitizeIT

Facilities, where individuals gather regularly, must constantly be Clinically Clean®. Diseases, including listeria, staph, and E. coli, can easily lead to severe illnesses that often require hospitalization. Exposure to these kinds of pathogens happens quickly, with spreads occurring at an even faster pace. Viruses and bacterial infections may leave employees out of work for extended periods. However, the encouraging news is the fact that facilities can forge ahead in stopping the considerable spread of illness with Commercial SanitizeIT as a viable option. The listing of microorganisms that Commercial SanitizeIT eliminates is extensive. 

The benefit of Commercial SanitizeITAdditional issues impacting commercial buildings are allergens and mold. Based on exactly how old they are, several structures contain alarming amounts of mold, which can cause occupants to become ill. Furthermore, the proliferation of mildew and mold may result in foul-smelling odors that are hard to eliminate. Ultimately, frequenting an establishment with fungi, mildew, and mold may cause long-term health problems for people.

Since industrial heating and cooling units are very intricate, you may be wondering how Commercial SanitizeIT stacks up in clean air applications. The solution is an effective response to mold and mildew in facilities. The product controls mold growth, disinfects, and removes odors associated with mold and mildew. Furthermore, the solution is safe to use in HVAC systems.

Our cleaning solution is powerful. Additionally, it is safe to use around office equipment and appliances. The number of surfaces that Commercial SanitizeIT is capable of cleaning without causing damage is expansive. Truthfully, viruses can stay on practically every surface area for a certain length of time. The sanitizing solution does a great job of targeting surface germs. Moreover,  Commercial SanitizeIT is not hard to work with and also does require post-clean-up. 

More Powerful than Harsh Cleaners

Commercial SanitizeIT available in LouisvilleProduct labels on commercial cleaning solutions often come with warnings about harsh chemicals. Additionally, some solutions can cause serious health problems due to excessive exposure and improper ventilation. Furthermore, facilities are also concerned about how the chemicals that they use impact the environment. Commercial SanitizeIT is an ideal solution for facilities that want a strong cleaner without strong side effects. 

Commercial cleaning items, including bleach, are usually utilized in industrial buildings, but safer options exist. Bleach products have a high level of toxicity, whereas Commercial SanitizeIT does not. Businesses that are eco-aware are delighted to find out that our cleaning solution does not include VOCs and excludes chlorinated byproducts. For people that are worried about allergic responses, Commercial SanitizeIT is hypoallergenic. Get ready to meet your industry’s clean air standards.

Clean Standards in Industrial Settings

Industrial settings often strive to achieve the highest clean standards. The Commercial SanitizeIT cleaning and disinfecting process with Alpha Energy Solutions are simple and hassle-free. Your service selection will begin with a thorough assessment of your facility. Your service specialist will inspect your treatment areas and expose the spaces that need additional attention. Preparation for service is easy and does not require cumbersome pre-treatments on your part. You can point out the areas that you would like to be sanitized. We’ll provide a cost estimate and ETA for completion based on the size of your facility. 

Then, we will prepare your spaces for sanitizing treatment. Keep in mind that the procedure is relatively quick. In just under half an hour, we can clean and sanitize an area of approximately  2,0000 sq. ft. Even though the service is quick, the results are amazing.

After applying the cleaning solution, you can wait just about 10 minutes for it to dry. There is no need to wipe the cleaning spray away. The bottom line is that you can experience a clean facility that is free from germs and bad odors in a short amount of time. The cleaning solution is so gentle that it does not contain a harsh odor like many commercial-grade sanitizing products. 

NSF-Certified Cleaning Solution

Our special solution is safe to use near food surfaces. While spraying surfaces, your services tech support will keep a reasonable distance of twelve-foot from fine fabrics. We use a fine mist throughout a spray treatment. The ingredients included in the mist are safe for most surfaces and materials. 

Germ Elimination

Within a couple of short minutes, you can consider your industrial spaces Clinically Clean. Additionally, our method effectively eradicates foul smells, all without leaving damage and traces of strange odors. 

Contact us to schedule cleaning and disinfecting with our Commercial SanitizeIT product.

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