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Know about Professional SanitizeIt: The coronavirus outbreak has served as an eye-opener to the possibility of facing the danger of viral diseases even in the future. In the face of a viral disease, getting vaccinated is the best measure to take. If infected, stay home away from others while undergoing medication, cover your mouth and nose, and wash your hands regularly. Professional SanitizeIt is a sanitizing agent used to provide your facility with a conducive environment for your customers and staff.

Sanitizing your facility and disinfecting regularly keep germs and viruses away. However, it’s essential to ensure that one understands the difference between cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting. Cleaning is getting rid of dust and dirt from surfaces by using water to wash or wipe. On the other hand, sanitizing removes or reduces bacteria, germs, and other disease-causing pathogens and brings them to a safer level.

Professional SanitizeIt is odorless

Louisville Ky Professional SanitizeItBefore using Professional SanitizeIt, the facilities need to do an initial cleaning. This is because the cleaning removes excess soil and any oils on the surfaces. In case a surface is sanitized before it is cleaned, the layer of dirt hinders the killing of the viruses on the surfaces. When the cleaning is done, the process of sanitizing begins.

Mainly, most sanitizing agents such as Professional SanitizeIt are sprayed on surfaces or mopped on them, and they are left there depending on dwell time, but most take ten minutes. These sanitizing products do not require the technicians to wipe them off as they dry off. Thus facility owners should consider these because they do not waste a lot of time business is resumed within no time. Professional SanitizeIt is odorless, and there is no time wasted as it leaves the air fresh to breathe.

When Professional SanitizeIt is adequately diluted, applied on a surface, and left to dwell recommended time, it works well in its action against disease-causing pathogens and viruses. Seeking the services of trained technicians while sanitizing your facility will ensure that the facility is in the hands of experts.

Professional SanitizeIt available 24/7 hoursOn a personal level, as the facility owner, you are responsible for purchasing the sanitizing agents and then checking the label properly to ensure you bought the right product. If your staff is responsible for the sanitizing process, ensure you read all instructions on the label to know how to dilute the Professional SanitizeIt sanitizing agent, usage, and dwell time to kill 100 percent of the coronavirus on your surfaces.

An essential aspect of knowing about your facility is identifying areas that are touched mainly by customers and staff, the kitchen and restroom, and knowing that these areas should be sanitized on a daily basis. They are more prone to viruses as people visit them mostly in your facility. In addition, the kitchen is prone to other bacteria that, if not killed, may lead to other infections.


Professional SanitizeIt may also be used in your facility to sanitize other office equipment, drapes, and linen. This process Professional SanitizeIt is cheap in pricingachieves a conducive environment with a minimal level of bacteria, viruses, and germs, making it conducive. Sanitizing may also be done on surfaces that come to contact with food in your facility, and 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs are killed within thirty seconds. The sanitizing agent is less corrosive and does not have any harmful effects on users, and is suitable for use all over your facility.

Small equipment within the facility may be sanitized by being put in a bucket containing the sanitizing solution. Others that this process may damage are cleaned using a cotton cloth that contains the sanitizer. The sanitizing process is essential for your facility in the fight against coronavirus. However, the traditional cleaning method cannot be avoided to ensure effective sanitizing of the facility.

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