Now, it is time to debate why you would go for Louisville KY chiller rentals in the first place and then why you would prefer Louisville KY chiller rentals over a direct-expansion air conditioner. There are boundless scenarios where a temporary cooling solution would be appropriate, but a few are among the most familiar.

7 Applications For Louisville KY Chiller Rentals

1: Supplemental Cooling

Louisville KY Chiller Rentals is best choiceOne scenario is supplemental cooling. Whether a facility’s cooling systems can’t handle seasonal extremes or a change from an industrial process demands extra cooled water, a temporary solution is often the most economical to supplement new cooling needs. Where a permanent upgrade would need significant commitment, renting offers results without draining the budget.

2: Restoration of a business’s cooling

Some business owners occasionally face a challenge that is more like a nightmare for their operations in emergency equipment failure. Whether caused by a natural disaster or some failed component, these shutdowns need immediate attention to minimize business losses to make matters worse.

3: Unavailability of the part needed to fix a broken chiller.

Louisville KY Chiller Rentals easy to carry anywhereSometimes the part needed to fix a broken chiller won’t be available for weeks when maintaining continuous business operations is of the utmost importance. Renting a cooling solution is often the fastest way to restore a business’s cooling. Those are just a few reasons among many to rent a cooling solution.

4: Avoiding a construction delay

Another common reason to rent is to avoid a construction delay. Often in these circumstances, a new building or expansion is nearly ready to open, but the delayed arrival of the building’s permanent chiller prevents that from happening. Rather than wasting time you can spend on business operations, people utilize rental cooling to open a new building on time while the permanent unit is on its way.

Louisville KY Chiller Rentals vs. air conditioner

But one question remains; why rent a chiller over a direct expansion air conditioner? As it turns out, sometimes the choice is obvious, and other times the proof is simply in the numbers.

5: Compatibility with the building’s permanent cooling system

The simple reason to rent a chiller over a dx air conditioner is compatibility with the building’s permanent cooling system.

If an integrated cooling system is already in place and everything but the chiller is still functional, then tying in Louisville KY chiller rentals is an easy and economical solution in contrast to a traditional AC unit.

Or if a manufacturing process requires cooled water, then a rental air conditioner would do little to help.

6: Space determines what is more appropriate and suited for you.

Louisville KY Chiller Rentals at cheap pricingSometimes space will determine if a chiller is appropriate. For instance, if a solution must take up as little space as possible, the best option is Louisville KY chiller rentals. A chiller with a specific cooling capacity takes up much less space than an equally rated dx air conditioner.

Additionally, a chiller’s 6-inch water hoses are much smaller than a 20-inch duct often used for ac units.

7: Cheaper than renting an equally rated dx air conditioner.

For solutions that require at least 150 tons of cooling, Louisville KY chiller rentals and a pair of air handlers is usually cheaper than renting an equally rated dx air conditioner.

More cost-effective for larger cooling jobs

In the same way that chillers are more efficient for larger cooling systems, rental chillers are often more cost-effective for larger cooling jobs.

Ideal for a convenient lifestyle considering cooling systems

In an imperfect world, there will always be inadequate circumstances. When these circumstances relate to cooling systems, it’s best to know how rental cooling solutions and chillers can make life easier for everyone involved.

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