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commercial Global plasma solutions air purification systemcommercial Global plasma solutions use bipolar ionization technology to fight viruses. The bipolar ionization technology uses ionization in a compressed air system. Bipolar ionization technology has been considered to combat viruses like coronavirus and norovirus, especially in commercial buildings. Commercial buildings require methods that can limit their exposure to deadly viruses. Bipolar ionization technology is one of the ways that can be used to add an advantage to both commercial and residential buildings in the fight against viruses.

commercial Global plasma solutions use bipolar ionization for industrial and commercial units to remove the germs in HVAC equipment. This technology also controls the air that flows from outside and into the building. The air from outside limits temperature control. This air also contains unsafe contaminants like mold, mildew, viruses, bacteria, and foul smells. This also controls the compounds that contribute to harmful exposures in people. These are the VOCs, otherwise known as volatile organic compounds.

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commercial Global plasma solutions air purification systemHydrogen has proven to be a beneficial element for the survival of these pathogens on surfaces and the body. Because these bonds make these pathogens survive, commercial Global plasma solutions use this to the disadvantage of these pathogens. Through bipolar ionization technology, during the last step, the ions released in ionization combine with the pathogens.

During this process, the pathogens lost their hydrogen bonds and are left for the dead because they cannot survive. This is how commercial Global plasma solutions bipolar ionization does away with the viability of pathogens. Additionally, the killing rate of commercial Global plasma solutions differs with the type of pathogens, for example, 99% for mold, E. coli, and Legionella, and 93% for MRSA and norovirus.

With the emergence of coronavirus, an airborne virus, scientists can use bipolar ionization technology in commercial Global plasma solutions to curb the spread through air particles. The bipolar ionization technology can combat the virus through ventilation systems. Using ventilation systems to inhibit the spread of coronavirus is a suitable way of dealing with this virus because it does not take up most of your time; therefore, time-effective. Plus, you do not need a lot of money for this procedure; it is economical.

commercial Global plasma solutions air purification systemThere are many disadvantages of having contaminants in buildings. These contaminants and pathogens cause illnesses, and this affects the productivity of people in a building. Whether a school or a place of business, a lack of productivity is not a good sign; for students, there is a high chance that they will not comprehend whatever they are being taught. Companies would lag in their daily activities.

With commercial Global plasma solutions, the chances of contracting diseases due to contaminants are reduced. This ensures that the people are comfortable, they breathe in good quality air, creating a suitable environment for people to work and consequently increase productivity. Other than increasing productivity, commercial Global plasma solutions remove foul smells and regulate airflow. Alpha Energy Solutions provides commercial Global plasma solutions technology for commercial or industrial purposes.

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