Here’s a great new offer for Alpha Energy Solutions Electrical customers.

Alpha is offering three electrical service levels to help keep customers in compliance with safety laws and limit our customers’ liability.

Based on the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) National Electrical Codes (NEC), an ENTRY level inspection provides a licensed, trained electrical technician for visual inspection. Alpha will check cords and plugs, exit lights, egress lighting, and inspect for code violations to identify items in need of repair.

The inspection includes a Circuit Breaker Temperature Rise inspection. This offer is available for a commercial office building and retail outlets. Call your Alpha rep for discounted pricing.

At the intermediate level, the work scope includes Circuit Breakers Termination Torque inspection, which identifies loose connections and brings circuit breakers up to manufacturers’ specifications.

Alpha’s ultimate level electrical inspection adds Infrared inspection of electrical panels, which reveal thermal anomalies and temperature increases throughout the system. Also, Alpha will inspect grounding and termination inside branch and distribution panels.

Contact your Alpha representative or call 888-212-6324 for details and to schedule the work.