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Electrical Inspection Options Help Customers Stay in Compliance

Here’s a great new offer for Alpha Energy Solutions Electrical customers. Alpha is offering three electrical service levels to help keep customers in compliance with safety laws and limit our customers’ liability. Based on the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) National Electrical Codes (NEC), an ENTRY level inspection provides a licensed, trained electrical technician for visual inspection. Alpha will check cords and plugs, exit lights, egress lighting, and inspect for code violations to identify items in need of repair. The inspection…

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Alpha Mechanical’s Electrical Service Moves Quickly to Keep Plant Up and Running

At Noon on a hot Monday in July, a transformer at one of Alpha Mechanical’s key customer’s plants blew up. It was up to Alpha’s on-site team to jump into action and ensure the plant continued to have power and operate normally. The first call went to CE Power, which immediately came to the site and determined that the transformer was shot. So Alpha’s lead on-site supervisor, Paul Baysayer, quickly called Whayne Supply and arranged for a temporary generator to…

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#1 Top Alpha Mechanical Service, Inc. (formerly A & A Mechanical Service, Inc.) Launches New Web Site

Alpha Mechanical Service Alpha Mechanical Service, Inc. (formerly A & A Mechanical Service, Inc.) recently launched a new website on May 1, 2011, to coincide with our name change. The new site gives the public an easy way to learn more about the wide range of mechanical services Alpha provides to commercial, industrial and residential customers. Alpha Mechanical Service, Inc., the new name results from the recent expansion of our product lines and merger with Key Mechanical Service, LLC.  Alpha…

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