commercial sanitizer servicing in Louisville KYCommercial sanitizer is beneficial for facilities and office buildings based not only in Louisville, KY but all over the USA. Moreover, it is common for facilities to employ cleaning teams to provide sanitization services. Their sanitizing services, however, are not always complete. The upkeep of space is a necessity because it limits the spread of viruses.

In tight quarters where people do business, germs spread quickly. The reality is that commercial buildings face the risk of viruses, germs, mold, and foul smells. Furthermore, environmental irritants lead to severe health consequences. Commercial sanitizer servicing can tackle the issues of infection efficiently.

Reducing Viral Spread with Commercial Sanitizer 

Many facilities are not as sanitized as they ought to be. Reaching a hospital-grade level of cleaning demands the leading formula and a tough schedule. Certain facilities, however, have a hard time maintaining cleanliness. Consequently, commercial sanitizer servicing is a helpful solution.

Reducing Viral Spread with Commercial Sanitizing 

We are capable of helping you achieve a hospital-grade sanitization standard. We deploy SanitizeIT, a unique compound that is safe to use on nearly every surface. Additionally, our formula is non-toxic. SanitizeIT removes dirt, and germs and deodorizes spaces. Because commercial buildings are susceptible to viral outbreaks, a focus should be on common-use areas. Germs grow in high-traffic areas where people gather frequently. 

Throughout Louisville, the major problem with infectious outbreaks is that it may drive an entire facility to be shut down. Coronavirus is an example of a viral outbreak that drives companies to shut their doors to prevent further infection. Yearly, people call out from work due to illness from viruses like the flu, allergies, and other communicable diseases. Additionally, when employees become sick, it is often the result of poor cleaning methods. People may face common colds, bacterial infections, and more due to unhealthy facilities. 

Sanitizing Solutions for Facilities

SanitizeIT is an antiviral, commercial sanitizer solution that eliminates most of the well-known viruses in buildings. The cleaning spray can be used regularly to reduce exposure to germs, including H1N1, Salmonella, Rotavirus, Staph, and E.coli. Moreover, 40 plus types of microorganisms are decimated on site. Louisville-based Alpha Energy Solutions is an authorized dealer in Sanitize IT.

Commercial Sanitizer service are not expensive and budget friendly in Louisville, KentuckyWe understand that companies are occupied with the safety of cleaning products. SanitizeIT is NSF-certified. As a result, the solution addresses the worry about unsafe commercial cleaners. Our cleaning solution is safe to use on or around food prep surfaces. Additionally, the solution is safe for use around plants and animals. Moreover, fabrics are also safe to receive SanitizeIt spray as the formula does not cause damage. The fact of the matter is SanitizeIT, which is non-corrosive and non-caustic. The treatment is additionally safe for use on electronics found in facilities.

Facilities cannot afford to forego sanitizing treatments during the ongoing threat of coronavirus and COVID-19. Although there are no guarantees, preventative measures are well worth considering.

Considering a successful commercial sanitizer for your buildings? Contact us to inquire about our product options. We are leaders in HVAC, air quality, and access to a wide selection of tools to enhance your HVA systems and facilities. 

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