Complete Louisville KY Commercial Disinfecting

Louisville KY commercial disinfecting for facilities based in Louisville, KYLouisville KY Commercial disinfecting requires more than just cleansing wipes. Although cleaning wipes are helpful, they are not always thorough. Deep cleansing is necessary for Louisville, KY-based commercial facilities, and business offices. Actually, many people fail to comply with the appropriate cleaning methods. Furthermore, poor cleaning habits and a lack of sufficient materials increase the risk of illness in buildings. Alpha Energy Solutions, in Louisville, is the go-to service provider for disinfecting commercial facilities while using a fast and effective cleaning system.

Louisville KY Commercial Disinfecting Measures

Our Louisville KY commercial disinfecting method involves a technology known as SanitizeIT. SanitizeIT is a cleaning device that sprays a disinfecting formula onto surfaces and also in the air. Industrial facilities are never quite clean until they are Clinically Clean®. Your building or office will be completely free from viruses, bacteria, and other irritants that cause illness with our cleaning method. 

Stop Infectious Spread

Louisville KY Commercial Disinfecting very effective in covid-19The fact of the matter is that businesses are most susceptible to viruses. Anywhere there is a group of individuals sharing space, the infectious spread can happen. Facility managers and business owners must tackle issues relating to cleanliness regularly. Thinking about the recent spread of the coronavirus and how it relates to Louisville KY commercial disinfecting is remarkable. Proper sanitizing is not just an exception; it is now the rule. Trust Alpha Energy Solutions to help with reducing the spread of harmful germs throughout your building. 

Germ-Killing Formula 

Our formula is an effective germ killer. Some of the pathogens that our solution can eliminate include Legionella, H1N1, Norovirus, Staph, and more. Moreover, in addition to the list of microorganisms, the kill list includes over 40 different viruses. 

We know for certain that businesses take the issue of healthy spaces seriously. The great news is that SanitizeIT is a viable treatment option. Furthermore, the spray formula that we use is NSF-certified. NSF-certified means that the solution is safe to use around food surfaces. Moreover, the formula is not corrosive and will not destroy hard surfaces. Our service technicians are capable of decontaminating electronics without causing the equipment any harm.  

Removes Odors

The advantages of Louisville KY Commercial DisinfectingIn addition to disinfecting surfaces, our solution also removes foul odors. SanitizeIT targets mold and mildew and eliminates the smells associated with them. So, not only is SanitizeIT a disinfectant, but it is also a deodorizer.

Furthermore, controlling the spread of illness is achievable with the handling of HVAC units. Heating and cooling systems may be disinfected with our cleaning solution. The formula is safe to apply to air-conditioning components. Furnaces, coils, and air handlers are areas where bacteria, mold, and allergens may thrive. SanitizeIt can be applied to the air-conditioning parts without causing damage. When treatment is complete, a light mist dries up on its own. 

Are you hoping to improve your facilities by eliminating germs? Explore our wide selection of services for commercial and industrial disinfecting and cleaning. Our service technicians are on-call 24/7 to handle your requests.

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