Commercial Disinfecting of Facilities

Commercial Disinfecting for Louisville kentucky facilitiescommercial disinfecting requires much more than cleansing wipes and household cleaners. Though cleaning wipes are beneficial, they’re not often complete. Deep cleansing is needed for Louisville, Kentucky, and the surrounding area businesses, facilities, and offices. In fact, most people fail to comply with the proper cleaning methods. Furthermore, bad cleaning habits, coupled with a lack of adequate materials, increase illness among building occupants. Louisville-based Alpha Energy Solutions is a skilled service provider that effectively disinfects commercial facilities while employing an effective and fast cleaning system called SanitizeIT.

Commercial Disinfecting Methods

Commercial Disinfecting is cost friendlyOur commercial disinfecting technique requires a technology referred to as SanitizeIT. SanitizeIT is a decontamination device that sprays a commercial disinfecting formula onto surfaces and in the air. Industrial facilities are never immaculate until they’re Clinically Clean®. With our cleaning technique, your office or building will be totally free from viruses, bacteria along with other irritants that cause illness.

Stop Germ Spread

The simple fact of the matter is the fact that businesses are very susceptible to viruses. Facility managers and business people must tackle problems associated with cleanliness on a consistent schedule. Thinking about the latest spread of the coronavirus and how it relates to commercial disinfecting is alarming. Proper sanitizing is not simply an exception; it’s currently the rule. Trust Alpha Energy Solutions to assist with lowering the spread of dangerous microorganisms throughout your facility.

Our Formula

Commercial Disinfecting using good quality of productsOur formula is a great germ killer. Several of the pathogens that the solution can get rid of include: Legionella, Norovirus, H1N1, More, and staph. Additionally, the kill list includes over 40 different types of pathogens. 

We know for sure that businesses take the problem of infection control seriously. The fantastic news is that SanitizeIT is a practical treatment option. Moreover, the spray method that we use is NSF certified. NSF-certified implies that the solution is safe to use around food surfaces. Furthermore, the formulation isn’t corrosive and won’t destroy hard surfaces. Our service specialists can decontaminate electronics without damaging the devices.

Eliminates Odors

Along with commercial disinfecting surfaces, our solution of ours also eliminates foul odors. SanitizeIT targets mold as well as mildew and eliminates the scents related to them. Thus, SanitizeIT is not just a disinfectant; it is also a deodorizer.

Furthermore, managing the spread of illness is achievable with the help of HVAC units. Air systems can also be disinfected with a cleaning solution. The formula is good to utilize cooling components. Air handlers, coils, and furnaces are areas where bacteria, allergens, and mold might thrive. SanitizeIt can be placed onto the air-conditioning elements without causing damage. When treatment is done, a gentle mist dries up by itself.

Are you hoping to better your facilities by eliminating germs? Explore our wide array of services for industrial and commercial disinfecting and cleaning. Our service technicians are on call 24/7 to handle your requests.

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