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Chiller Rental Requirements

Alpha Energy Solutions is your source for chiller rental equipment for commercial or industrial facilities. Finding the best chiller for your project is easier with the help of an experienced company. We have over 2000 years of combined field experience. Trust Alpha Energy Solutions with your HVAC needs.

Selecting chiller rentals

Depending on your application, there are many different types of chillers available. Narrowing down the chiller that you require will depend on several unique factors. A technician familiar with how chillers operate will guide you in selecting, delivering, and installing your system.


In certain cases, a chiller rental is an ideal option because the need for cooling is temporary. With a rental unit, you will enjoy all of the benefits of a system that performs well while having a budget-friendly alternative.

Even if you decide that investing in a chiller rental is for you, you must consider some points and search for the best equipment.

Before searching for a chiller, you should have a good idea about what the chiller will be used for. If you are responsible for managing equipment in your facility, business, or organization, your budget is also an important consideration. Cooling systems will vary in cost based upon their nomenclature.

Chiller Rental Options

Having access to options is a must when you are in the market for a new chiller rental. Alpha Energy Solutions can offer quality and selection for all rental equipment. We are experts in the field. Moreover, we deal with all of the major brands that manufacture chillers. 

Based on your project or application, you may need a water-cooled chiller or an air cooled-chiller. Chillers are very complex, so consulting with someone who has experience is strongly recommended.

Before investing in a chiller system, consider what type of requirements your project demands in terms of capacity. 

Finally, additional options that may impact your investment decision may include any maintenance and the potential need for replacement parts. If your operation depends on the chiller, you will certainly want to access replacement parts quickly.

If you are not certain about which chiller is best for your requirement, do not despair. Alpha Energy Solutions can help.