The warmer temperatures provide businesses with relief from costly heating expenses. But while the break is welcome, there’s no doubt that the cold will return. While you may not be thinking about those high gas bills, taking action now for next winter can help reduce your energy spend.

img3boiler.jpgOne good way to do that is to invest $200 on an Alpha Energy Solutions comprehensive Boiler Tune-up and Operational Inspection.  Alpha’s offer is for up to 100hp or 3,348MBh Output equipment.

And for a limited time, VECTERN natural gas customers may be eligible for a $200 rebate per boiler. That’s enough to pay for the tune-up, so all the energy savings that result from the tune-up goes right to your bottom line.

Call Alpha today to verify your eligibility for the VECTERN rebate, and ask what other rebates are available for your equipment. VECTERN is aggressively marketing the rebate program, and Alpha is ready to assist you in securing rebates on every eligible piece of equipment.

According to ENERGY STAR* statistics, boilers account for 40 percent of heating energy in commercial buildings. So the stakes are high, and facility managers can realize energy and cash savings by scheduling regular HVAC maintenance. A boiler tune-up is one of the easiest and most important procedures facility managers can use to extend the equipment’s life and make sure it is operating efficiently.

Regularly-scheduled maintenance on heating equipment should be part of a comprehensive building energy plan in every commercial structure. The boiler tune-up pays dividends by saving energy, extending equipment life, and lowering maintenance costs. The tune-up can improve combustion efficiency by three percent and boost the boiler to manufacturers’ optimum efficiency levels.

Now is the time to schedule a boiler tune-up. Call us at 888-212-6324, and Alpha will find out if your company is eligible for a VECTERN rebate.