2016 Vectren award Commercial Rebate Program Award

Alpha’s Evansville Team Presented with Vectren Award for 2016 Most KWH Savings

Alpha’s Evansville Team Presented with Vectren Award for 2016 Most KWH Savings This week, the Alpha Energy Solutions Evansville, Indiana, the team received a Vectren award from Vectren, an energy company that serves over one million customers in Indiana and Ohio for the most Kilowatt-Hour Savings in 2016 Vectren Commercial Rebate Program. Alpha’s Evansville team saved customers 4,304,302 KWH in 2016. The customer electricity savings were achieved through Control retrofit projects, equipment replacement, and Preventative Maintenance services. Additionally, Alpha was able…

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Boiler Tune-Ups Bring Energy Savings and Rebates

The warmer temperatures provide businesses with relief from costly heating expenses. But while the break is welcome, there’s no doubt that the cold will return. While you may not be thinking about those high gas bills, taking action now for next winter can help reduce your energy spend. One good way to do that is to invest $200 on an Alpha Energy Solutions comprehensive Boiler Tune-up and Operational Inspection.  Alpha’s offer is for up to 100hp or 3,348MBh Output equipment. And for…

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