In the inner circle at Alpha Energy Solutions, they’re known simply as Dept. 8. But the scope of work provided by Roger Jolly and Jim White is vast. They’re involved in every significant order for equipment and installation at Alpha.

Jim White and Roger Jolly manage Dept. 8 at Alpha Energy Solutions.

This encompasses everything from boilers and chillers to HVAC equipment and other machinery. Every one of these jobs includes equipment and the coordination of multiple subcontractors, technicians, and other Alpha departments. According to each customer’s needs, Jolly and White coordinate this work and keep it on budget and on time.

“It’s really a lot like putting a puzzle together,” said Jolly, who is among the longest-serving Alpha team members, dating to 2000. “I usually visit the site, figure out what the job requires, and put together an estimate. Then when we get the job, Jim coordinates getting it done.”

White has more than 30 years in the industry and joined Alpha in 2009. He coordinates such tasks as ordering cranes, when needed, and making sure the right people are on the job. He might have to bring in Alpha electricians, plumbers, and start-up teams. Together, Jolly and White oversee jobs ranging in size from $2,000 up to several million dollars.

While Jolly and White are the only members of Dept. 8 stationed at the Louisville headquarters, they oversee about 10 pipefitters and get involved in jobs throughout Alpha’s eight-state coverage area. Recently, the team has coordinated major work projects for the Brown Hotel, the Kentucky Exposition Center, and Buffalo Trace Distillery, to name a few.

“Having experienced estimators and project managers like Roger and Jim on our team is a real benefit for our customers,” said Sales Director Gerry Lewis. “They come up with solutions on all sorts of building issues, and they can almost always save our customers money.”