Alpha Energy Solutions Replaces Rooftop Units at Ashland Mall

Alpha Energy Solutions’ West Virginia office recently took on a challenging project. The task — replace a pair of 25-ton rooftop units at a mall in Ashland, Ky. To place the new Carrier units properly above a store, Alpha’s team had to locate and bring in a 120-ton crane to get the units from the parking lot to the placement spot, some 150 feet away. Scott Holt, Alpha’s project manager, said it was all accomplished in two days. “The old…

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At Alpha Energy Solutions, Big Jobs Start and End with Dept. 8

In the inner circle at Alpha Energy Solutions, they’re known simply as Dept. 8. But the scope of work provided by Roger Jolly and Jim White is vast. They’re involved in every significant order for equipment and installation at Alpha. Jim White and Roger Jolly manage Dept. 8 at Alpha Energy Solutions. This encompasses everything from boilers and chillers to HVAC equipment and other machinery. Every one of these jobs includes equipment and the coordination of multiple subcontractors, technicians, and…

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In Business Story, Rhodes Stresses Customer Service

  photo by Business First of Louisville The Nov. 9 edition of Louisville’s business newspaper, Business First, features a profile of Alpha Energy Solutions’ president Joe Rhodes. Reporter John Karman, not surprisingly, found Rhodes to be humble and driven to succeed. From the story: Humble in nature, Rhodes deflects most questions about his personal success, opting instead to give credit to his employees. He chalks up the success of his business to the company’s focus on customer service. Later in…

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A 24/7 Summer Weekend at Alpha Mechanical Service

Summer Weekend at Alpha Mechanical Service Alpha Mechanical’s crews didn’t get much rest as temperatures soared, and cooling units failed over August 4-5. Alpha Mechanical Service proved it is truly a 24/7 service operation. In Louisville, a gearbox in a cooling tower shut down on Friday afternoon. The facility was a large hospital, so the idea of waiting until Monday to get it fixed was out of the question. Alpha’s team, led by Ron Jenkins, quickly assessed the problem Friday…

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