Why commercial spray service technology: Due to the current rapid coronavirus spread, people have been forced to raise their preventative ways higher. Previously, facilities would involve commercial cleaning services, and that was enough. However, this time around, the centers for diseases control have advised individuals and business owners to engage in continued disinfection and sanitizing to guarantee the safety of the staff and their customers.

The extent to which disease-causing pathogens such as viruses and bacteria accumulate a surface is a cause for alarm. Some of these surfaces include doorknobs, keyboards, countertops, customer check-ins, and others. These places play a key role in the spread of respiratory diseases and currently the dangerous coronavirus. However, worry not for the solution that massively kills the pathogens is commercial spray service.

commercial spray service technology

What makes commercial spray service technology so powerful that it gets rid of the disease-causing pathogens? This service involves using an electrostatic spray that disinfects surfaces and objects thoroughly, ensuring close to 100% protection from germs. This is a mist-like technology that covers all areas, even the stains that appear out of reach. In this way, it kills all viruses and bacteria, and other disease-causing pathogens the minute it comes in contact with them. Therefore, it regulates the spread of contagious diseases, mainly respiratory and the novel coronavirus that would have survived on the objects and surfaces without sanitizing.

Commercial spraying with electrostatic spray is a durable option because it bonds with objects and surfaces, killing the germs more aggressively. In this way, the contaminant is destroyed and creates a more clean and hygienic indoor environment and air to breathe, and so we can use this form of treatment to improve the quality of indoor air.

This form of disinfecting works by eradicating the protein capsid that envelopes the coronavirus, and thus it deters it from spreading to another host. Involving the technicians from commercial spray service to disinfect your residence or facility may help you cut down on healthcare costs if you contract diseases related to poor hygiene, especially COVID-19.

There are other solutions utilized in the commercial spray service, such as germs vaporizing which functions as a germicidal disinfectant. The electrostatic sprayer applies it, and it works by spreading germicides on the surface to disinfect. Most facilities that use this solution are gyms, cinemas, daycares, offices, and grocery stores. This process kills about 100% of disease-causing germs, and the beauty about it is, it is neither corrosive nor toxic. Therefore, you should consider involving commercial services in your facility and also your residence.

Commercial spray service is safe

Commercial spray service are safe, and business owners need to eliminate all the fears they harbor. The companies that offer these services use solutions that are listed in CDC’s list-N. That means that they are not harsh chemicals and they pose no health risks and do not contaminate the environment. Also, the solutions are not corrosive and will not destroy your décor and equipment.

Since the technicians aim at thorough work, the surfaces they disinfect may contact food, but you need not worry since it is safe. Therefore, let us consider involving commercial spray service to keep ourselves safe.

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