Hail Guards can prevent damage to rooftop units. It’s storm season in our part of the country, with tornadoes, rain, and hail showing up in weather forecasts regularly.

It’s imperative for facilities with rooftop units to have those units checked out once a major storm passes

Let Alpha Mechanical Check Rooftop UnitsDid you know that hail guards, which can be attached during installation or at any time in the unit’s life, can provide extra protection from hail damage and prolong the equipment’s life? Ask your Alpha Mechanical salesperson about the availability and cost of hail guards.

Let Alpha Mechanical Check Rooftop UnitsThe aluminum fins on your HVAC’s condenser coils can be bent by hail. Damaged or bent coil fins will prevent your HVAC system from operating properly.  If left unaddressed, bent fins from hail damage can destroy your HVAC unit entirely. The unit can lose efficiency as a result of damaged fins.

Let Alpha Mechanical Check Rooftop UnitsAlpha Mechanical Service offers a free inspection of your HVAC system and rooftop units. We will estimate recommended action if any damage is discovered and perform the repairs on a timely basis.

The effects of hail damage

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