What Parts Make Up An Industrial HVAC System?Industrial HVAC, or heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, is a system made up of, well, what is mentioned in its name. Every complete and proper home or building contains this system, as living without Industrial HVAC today is close to impossible. But the whole system does not come packed in one box. Instead, various Industrial HVAC parts and components integrated into separate places make up the whole system.

Mentioned below is a list of the essential parts of an Industrial HVAC

What Parts Make Up An Industrial HVAC System?Thermostat:

It is that one small device that decides when your house needs cooling and when it requires heating. The thermostat is also responsible for adjusting both heating and cooling according to the need and conditions of whether. Right now, different types of thermostats are available on the market, so you can get whatever type suits your need.


Clear by its name, the sole furnace’s purpose is to produce heat later distributed through the home. As there are different types of furnaces, depending on it, the fuel used to operate it can be electricity, heat pump, solar energy, gas, or combustion.

Blower Motor:

After the heat is produced from the furnace, the blower motor is responsible for blowing that heat out to the ducts and vents so that it can get distributed through the home or the building.

Heat Exchanger:

The heat exchanger warms up the cool air. This helps to improve the heating capability of the furnace, especially in the winter season. The furnace, blower motor, and heat exchanger all work in tandem with each other and are housed close to each other.

Refrigerant Lines:

Refrigerant lines are insulated lines that carry the refrigerant in the gas form to the condensing unit or compressor, which then gets converted into liquid form and then sent to evaporator coils.

Evaporator Coils:

Evaporator coils are responsible for sucking out all the heat from the home and cooling down the air. It is filled with refrigerant and is an essential part of the Industrial HVAC system that requires proper care and cleaning.

Condensing Unit/ Compressor:

Condensing unit or evaporator is filled with refrigerant. It converts it from gas to liquid or vice versa with the help of exchanging heat from outdoors, which is sent to the evaporator. This unit is located typically outside of your home.

Duct Work:

Ductwork or duct system is responsible for carrying out the treated air (which is either cool or hot) to the different parts of the home. These ducts are correctly sealed to prevent the escape of air before it reaches its destination and does not require regular cleaning unless there is some kind of blockage in them preventing air circulation.

Industrial HVAC rental service going very popularVentilation:

Now that the ducts have brought the cool or hot air to different areas, the ventilation system takes over. The vents now bring that treated air to the specifically intended rooms, which is the proper destination.


All the Industrial HVAC parts have their specific purpose, and when combined, they form a complete system that works its best to provide the required cooling and heating to the residents. As consumers, you are responsible for ensuring that the Industrial HVAC parts you buy are of top quality and the installation process is done by a professional.

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