You probably have no idea the number of visitors in your office now, or cannot tell the same by close of business. In today’s corporate world, visitor’s security, health, and safety in the organization have become a priority. A visitor management system refers to tailored, easy, and secure applications to suit your organization’s facility or premises’ needs. The system uses advanced technological devices to track people coming into your offices. Unlike the traditional visitor log-in book or record, visitor management systems are more accessible and time-saving. Besides, as a business owner, the system allows you to monitor who comes into the building without realizing it.

Alpha energy solutions, therefore, provide your business or premises with the best visitor management systems to help you keep track of who comes into your facility.

Visitor management is a trusted system with leading corporations across the world. It is easily customized to suit the specific needs of an organization. Here is the importance of having a visitor management system in your organization:

  1. Contactless check- in-, As a business owner, you do not want your employees to contact visitors from all over; therefore, the system provides your premises with a smart working environment with access for visitors, deliveries to offices, and staff is made easier.
  2. Enhanced office security – A visitor management application solution improves your facility’s existing security system. The software requires all visitors to sign in through various systems implemented by the organization, for instance, facial recognition. Any concerned party gets notified that someone has entered or exited the premises.
  3. A modernized Visitor check-in procedure – Long queues at your building entrances no longer exists, thanks to the visitor management system that brought an end to manual check-ins by staff. Today, visitors can save time using visitor cards, thumb check-in, and visitor notifications to notify you that they have arrived. Besides, the application can inform relevant employees that their visitor has arrived.
  4. Critical Information Storage – visitor management application not only eases visitors to your premises; it also works as a data set. The application stores information about incoming visitors, and in case of an emergency, their names, facial recognition, and even identification can be obtained from the software. It is easier for the security team to view all the visitors and single out whom they are looking for.

Examples of systems implemented by various organizations include:

  • Visitor smartphone applications are used for log-ins.
  • Access control integrations
  • Parking reservation management
  • Visitor booking
  • Facial recognition
  • Walk-in center system

The simple yet ignored incidents that take place in your office daily, such as welcoming visitors, greeting them, and engaging them, can be tiring for your receptionist. Having this in mind will make you acquire a visitor management system if you don’t yet. And, for that matter, you don’t want to look old-fashioned using traditional methods!

For your organization’s visitor management policies and to manage your visitors’ flow, let Alpha Energy solutions be your service provider, and you will be guaranteed ultimate security within your premises. For more information regarding visitor management, visit our website.


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