Choosing a security camera is not essential, but a camera is useless for video security purposes without good commercial video management software. In addition, the camera functionality is dependent on software.

So are you looking for a commercial video management system (VMS) to protect your property? You have landed in the right place.

Setting up iSpy

commercial VIDEO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM protect your propertyiSpy is a commercial video management software. It can be connected to webcams or IP cameras. This software can send an unlimited number of cameras to the supervisor, either on the iSpy website or on your device. Via Setup iSpy, it is possible to contact visitors. It listens to any required microphones and sends a text back to the visitor. The program also has a motion detection function, with which snapshots are taken regularly, and time-lapses are created afterward. iSpy currently has more than 2 million users worldwide, and its basic plan is free. It also offers a paid subscription if you want to access cameras remotely.


commercial Video management software is a sensible choice when you want to connect multiple cameras. This software can monitor 100 cameras simultaneously and enables the film material to be viewed in real-time. This intelligent commercial video security software will only take the picture after the motion has been detected, thus avoiding wasting storage space.


ContaCam is a popular, fast, lightweight, and customizable video management software. The program offers the option to choose motion detection for continuous recording based on your storage space. You can also request a video summary once a day instead of receiving all of the footage. ContaCam also has a license recognition function.


ZoneMinder is commercial video content management software that is characterized by easy configuration. It’s compatible with most security cameras, and there is only one downside: ZoneMinder is a suite of multiple apps. Developers believe that they can achieve quality monitoring because multiple apps work together. This VMS has an intuitive design that makes navigation much more straightforward.

Ivideon Server

Ivideon’s VMS is known as the best free IP camera recording software on the market. The software detects unusual movements and notifies the user about them. Thanks to complex algorithms that have been specially developed for this VMS, activities can be excellently recognized. Ivideon Server offers a free basic plan, and the fees are required if you choose to use cloud storage.

Blue Iris commercial video management software

commercial VIDEO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM working also in low lightBlue Iris is a popular cloud-based commercial video security software. It is primarily known for its intuitive camera control system. Anyone who knows the access data can control the camera. This function is helpful if you want to share the monitoring obligation with your employees.

Luxriot Evo

Luxriot Evo is 100% free commercial video management software. The main characteristic of the company is to provide high-quality software and first-class customer service. This commercial video management software has audio and image editing functions and allows the camera footage to be streamed to YouTube Live. Since the Luxriot Evo software cannot be played on more than ten cameras simultaneously, we only recommend this provider for small businesses.

Webcam XP

The WebcamXP commercial video management system is well compatible with different types of cameras and has several streaming modes. You can connect WebcamXP to your mobile device or computer, watch surveillance videos in real-time, or set up for short recordings.


SmartViewer is a software developed by Samsung that is used to manage video content. It is compatible with both network video recorders and digital video recorders. The software can run on a maximum of 72 devices at the same time. With SmartViewer, users can sort out the recordings and activate the search in the database.


commercial VIDEO MANAGEMENT SYSTEM IN 2021Camcloud is a cloud-based commercial video security software. The CamCloud VMS automatically detects nearby cameras and offers the option of connecting and managing them via your program. The entire film material is automatically saved in the cloud within 90 days. If there is no internet connection, you can save the data in your local storage and upload it to the cloud after the connection has been re-established.

Now you know the best commercial video management systems on the market. If you are now faced with the decision, we recommend choosing one of the above. If you want to take a closer look at the technical details, here is a list of factors to consider when selecting a VMS.

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