What is Industrial Bipolar Ionization: Indoor air is invisible, and ignored but can be dangerous to your health. Shockingly, indoor air has higher chances of pollution than outdoor air! When discussing indoor air, Industrial bipolar ionization tops the list. This is the most superior solution that proactively treats and purifies indoor air in the occupied spaces, given the specific Now kill virus from your indoor using Industrial Bipolar Ionizationsource of contamination.

Also referred to as a filtered approach, Industrial bipolar ionization is plasma air technology that generates a natural bio-climate rich in positive and negative oxygen ions, which effectively neutralize particulate matter, bacteria and viruses, and VOCs. Reasons why Alpha Energy solutions recommend you to use Industrial Bipolar Ionization to purify the air in your building include but are not limited to:

Use Industrial Bipolar Ionization to purify the air

  • Cost-effective
  • Low maintenance
  • Safe
  • Easy to install
  • Efficient
  • Highly effective on pollutants like viruses.

The benefits of Industrial Bipolar Ionization Like other HVAC systems from Alpha energy solutions, Industrial bipolar ionization technology has been and continues to be embraced across the world through thousands of installations that have been made in institutions, companies, residential homes, and even large industrial buildings. Our Bipolar technology provides you with clean air and safe purification techniques for your occupation areas. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sports arena, a casino, or your family’s residence; Alpha Energy Solutions ensures that you are protected from pathogens that could affect your health. We are at your service and available in both stand-alone or self-contained units installed directly into the HVAC system.

As most institutions continue to fight and develop new strategies for dealing with the pandemic in offices and commercial buildings such as the airport, Alpha Energy Solutions is at the forefront of introducing better methods and tools that will keep your building safe.

Even though regular cleaning and disinfecting of the office’s surface areas reduce the risk of contracting the virus, our Industrial Bipolar ionization technology is the best way to prevent the further spread of the virus. This technological system is a persistent and actual air purifier that helps you maintain proper indoor air quality. Air pollutants represent about 66% of fatality rates, and it’s very easy for anyone to get exposed to air impurifies.

The benefits of Industrial Bipolar ionization are equated to those of clean air. Alpha Energy Solutions aims to reduce health complications and deaths by allowing you to breathe clean air through Industrial bipolar ionization.

When you breathe in clean air, you get the following

  • You decrease your chances of suffering from allergic reactions and diseases such as asthma.
  • Your lungs remain cleaner.
  • Your skin appearance gets enhanced.
  • Your digestion system improves from inhaling clean air.
  • You become emotionally and psychologically stable.
  • You experience normal sleeping routines hence being in a better mood.
  • You reduce the chances of suffering from illnesses such as lung and heart complications.

Industrial Bipolar Ionization purifying indoor airOther than these positive effects that you get from Industrial bipolar ionization, all living things and our environment are safe. Unknowingly, as you install Industrial bipolar ionization technology in your building or home, you may also be solving the world’s most disturbing social issue, global warming. By using Industrial Bipolar ionization, you indirectly reduce poverty rates around the globe!

As companies and nations embrace technology, so should you by contacting Alpha Energy Solutions and having your air purifier installed within your space.

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