Industrial Visitor management is any process that helps a company keep track of the people who visit its location. Policies may vary by organization, type of facility, industry, or geographic location. For some organizations, it is sufficient to write down the visitor’s name, but others have higher security requirements, such as badges, signing of legal documents, and more.

An in-house Industrial visitor management system is a technology that tracks visitors entering your office or store. This can be a customer, courier, interview candidate, business partner, consultant, or even a relative of your CEO. The point is, anyone who is not a full-time employee can be considered a visitor.

Industrial Visitor management systems, therefore, help organizations create or implement their Industrial visitor management policies.


ADVANTAGES OF THE Industrial VISITOR MANAGEMENT SYSTEMEven after the most significant disasters, life must go on. After entering a new phase of the Covid-19 health crisis, many of us begin to return to usual activities. Several offices, shops, and shopping centers have reopened.

Now more than ever, to make everyone feel safe and at ease, it is necessary to implement software for managing visitors to limit the number of people inside an enclosed space and thus ensure the maintenance of physical distance and safety rules.

There are several benefits to be gained from implementing a Industrial visitor management system, and here are some of them.

  1. Virtual screening through a questionnaire

Screening is essential to ensure that every visitor who enters your office or store is in good health. I am not referring only to the classic control of body temperature but also the compilation of a questionnaire relating to one’s state of health.

This process could also be done manually, but this would take the visitor some time to complete the questionnaire with the risk of unnecessary queues forming.

Industrial Visitor management software can help you simplify the data collection process. Reception or shop staff can quickly enter visitor data into the system, and guests can fill out the questionnaire directly on site.

Another option would be to provide them with a registration form that visitors can access independently. In this way, they can release their data directly from their smartphone or tablet without the need to stay too long at the reception.

  1. Automatically stores visitor data

Industrial visitor management system very useful for your office Industrial Visitor management software can print badges with a barcode. When reception staff scans the code, it automatically displays visitor data, photo visits logs, and card owner’s health data.

The badge is also helpful for making it easier for visitors to register on their next visit, as they won’t need to re-register the same person over and over again.

Finally, the questionnaire helps trace contacts if the visitor is positive for COVID-19, and it is necessary to track and follow the situation.

  1. Improve the social distancing protocol

To make social distancing protocols even more efficient, some countries – including Italy – apply restrictions such as limiting the number of people in offices or shopping centers. But doing it without Industrial visitor management software is next to impossible.

With the help of the system, the office or shop manager can easily track the number of visitors inside the building. If the capacity approaches the allowed limit, it is possible to instruct the visitor to wait elsewhere or directly reorganize the program of visits for another day.

  1. Optimize meeting scheduling

Industrial Visitor management software facilitates the organization of visiting times. An employee can set the times of their meetings directly on the system calendar, fill in the details of the person they will meet, enter the purpose of the visit and send the questionnaire to the visitor by email.

The system also facilitates booking the spaces where meetings will take place, thus ensuring compliance with safety regulations.

  1. Automatic notifications

Another benefit associated with using Industrial visitor management software is the ability for employees to be notified automatically when their guests arrive at the office. Thanks to the previously completed data and questionnaires, the visitor registration process can Industrial visitor management system help to improve user databe done very quickly.

The systems can send notifications via email, SMS, and even WhatsApp messages allowing the employee to prepare meeting room and presentation tools promptly.

In Conclusion, Industrial visitor management systems allow you to track visitors who enter your company. By automating registration, identification, and access authorization, they guarantee the effective management of company areas and the safety of employees and visitors.

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